Tempt me again! Tibet locals recognized the most worthy of the 20 places to go!


how many people yearn for places,

but do you really know where to go to Tibet?

Potala Palace



Potala Palace is located in the northwestern Tibet autonomous region Chinese capital Lhasa City Hongshan mountain, is a castle style buildings, originally built for Song Xan Gan Bbu Zanpu of Tubo Dynasty married Princess Bhrikuti and Princess Wencheng and. In seventeenth Century after reconstruction, become the Darai Lama’s Winter Palace residence, Tibet theocracydominant center. Is now listed as a world cultural heritage.




and the



mount Qi Feng is located in Ali area of Tibet, the Tibetan word for "gods Gang mountain", Tibet is the highest status of the Buddhist holy land, is recognized as the mountain. Mount Qi Feng is a world recognized Kamiyama, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism ancient male "Mr Yong teach" and the ancient Jain identified as the center of the world. Unique majestic in the undulating mountains, mount Qi Feng, of great momentum of volley into the sky, the peak year covered by snow capped, like wearing a top spectacular silver crown, and the clouds lifted up their eyes, really all blend into one harmonious whole, "God Fuying empty" feeling.



the Guge Kingdom ruins




site of the Guge Kingdom located in Tibet Ali like springs River, deep in the forest of Zanda, where three mountains, southwest of the border with India, and adjacent to the northwest end of Kashmir, with an average altitude of 4000 meters. This land was like the male cultural center, is also the birthplace of Bon culture. The guest take you quest Ali hinterland, feel the ancient vicissitudes of life.






Namjagbarwa, is the highest mountain in Tibet China Linzhi area, 7782 meters above sea level, is the oldest Buddhist shrine in Tibet "Mr Yong teach".