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Tang Yan: silly white sweet doesn’t mean I can change the little red superwoman Sina entertainment entertainment "column boiled orange Tang Yan once said in an interview, she never resist, such a bad woman crafty subtly malicious female role, but the reality is that no one for her to play. When I said that, her TV series, carat lovers just aired on the Internet sparked a 1 million 366 thousand topic discussion. However, most of this is the voice of doubt, it was said that her poor acting, but also some people think that in addition to silly white sweet, she can not play anything. After a year, Tang Yan has been trying to change the outside view of her. Whether shooting walk route or strong woman magazine, into the film market, you can find her subtle changes in. Maybe it’s not a success, but at least the image of Tang Yan is no longer the only girl who is smiling at the camera. Recently, Tang Yan’s schedule was full. 10 days ago has just completed the "European film Raiders" shooting in Italy, and she hurried home to participate in drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" propaganda, almost a day to run a city. We are broadcasting conference that day to see Tang Yan in the drama of Beijing. She was sitting in the interview room, accept a media interview, talk to the mood, she also lightly Wuzui, a Shanghai girl whine of laughter. However, once standing in front of the photographer’s lens, Tang Yan will be all smiles back, revealing his mature side. Not only is the role of the transformation, even the appearance and demeanor, Tang Yan seems to be trying to get out from the "silly white sweet".   "I wonder why the producers came to me to play Li Weiyang?" "Beautiful" Weiyang is 12 years in the middle of Xiaoxiang College serial network novel, formerly known as "ordinary female toxic". In this novel, after the heroine Li Weiyang is experiencing a revival, with hanging open like life, once the face of bullying, hate their own people, she did not hesitate. Although Lee Weiyang is still called "Marysu", but her character is very cold, ruthless li. Two years ago, when Tang Yan read the script for the first time, fell in love with Li Weiyang, "they’re almost in the beginning I invited to play the part of a year ago, at that time I see is not the final version of the script, of which there are many places need to be improved, but I was really attracted no script. Any hesitation." However, Tang Yan is self aware. At that time, she played the role of mostly active justice image, and without the slightest color or subtly malicious villains. So she wondered why the producers looking for her to play Lee Weiyang? Producer Wang Ying has been asked the same question by many people. In Wang Ying impression, Tang Yan is a sweet looking actor, but in the corner at the beginning, she did not hesitate to choose Tang Yan, "I feel sweet appearance and stubborn heart is not in conflict, but this contrast will bring greater impact of the audience, but in fact do not choose actor evaluation relies entirely on the previous works, more is to dig inside her."   "Li Weiyang, she gave me a lot of confidence."相关的主题文章: