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Taliban in retaliation for the German Consulate to attack NATO air strikes blood hundred casualties [Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] "Taliban attacked the German consulate!" The German "Bild" 11 reported that the city of Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, German Consulate was Dutch act 10 night bomber caused more than and 120 casualties. German Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued in 11, said the consulate staff were injured. The Taliban group has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was an attempt to retaliate against NATO air strikes against Kunduz. The attack took place at 23 local time at 5. Mazari Sharif, head of the police, said the attacker, 10, driving a car loaded with explosives hit the outer walls of the German Consulate, an attacker died on the spot. 11 early in the morning, the police found under the rubble of the attackers were seriously injured in the second. The explosion killed at least 6 people and injured more than more than and 120 people, mostly civilians. Witnesses said the blast shattered glass around a large area of buildings. People screaming in panic. After the explosion, there are sporadic gunfire near the consulate, helicopters hovering over the sky. 3 hours after the explosion, Afghan police announced the resumption of control of the situation. "Mazari Sharif is one of the safest cities in Afghanistan," said a local correspondent. The German Consulate attack was unexpected." German Federal defense forces said the explosion led to the Consulate General is almost completely destroyed, the building is also severely damaged, the consulate is temporarily unable to work. Shortly after the explosion, Taliban on twitter claiming responsibility for the attack. Taliban claims the move was an attempt to retaliate against NATO air strikes in a village in Kunduz province last week. A Taliban 11, said: why can not we attack the Germans? Germany directly involved in air strikes against civilians. Germany provides information to the United states. As we all know, they have troops in northern afghanistan." It is said that 32 weeks ago, NATO air strikes against the organization of Taliban led to the deaths of civilians, and another 19 people were injured. "Der Spiegel" magazine also reported that the morning of the 11 day 6, 3 German soldiers stationed in motorcyclists regardless of Consulate before the fire warning shots to shock the consulate. Soldiers eventually shot, 2 of whom were killed and 1 seriously injured. 3 suspect is a member of Taliban. As a NATO member, the German Federal defense forces in the NATO military base near Mazar-i-Sharif stationed 983 soldiers, mainly responsible for the training and support of Afghan security forces. Friedrich, Germany, a person in charge of the foundation in Afghanistan, told the Bild, the German Federal defense forces did not participate directly in the air strikes led by the U.S. military in. But Germany is a military partner of the United States, which could be the reason for the attack on the German Consulate in Taliban. In addition, the German Consulate is located in the city center, convenient transportation, convenient for terrorism. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: