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Taiyuan: gaming environment before team players on a warm   before; drawing: Yang Shuyu online number market blowout, singing all the way, marine economy is crippled "Go go go, A door, rescue the hostages." Many users after 80, hear these words will think of Internet cafes in the age of students, and students, friends Corps fight scenes. Back, cramped room, flashing in front of the screen, there are like-minded friends formed a team to challenge each other, communicate with each other. Only a short while ago, with the decline of Internet era, team partners grew up, this kind of gaming experience for fully and delightfully work, marriage, birth 80 online game player is gone for ever. In 2016, the number of online games online games market blowout, singing all the way, all the influx of investment. The National Day holiday, the reporter found, the provincial capital economy with no team online games online games market prosperity, the team did not get a stable capital investment, but by the enthusiasm of struggling for online games. According to the provincial capital of a league games team captain Xu Lufan, "we don’t know how far you can go, one day does not want to play, maybe on the loose." Popular online games market participants with the steady increase in the number of Internet users, China’s online games industry has become the hottest area of Pan entertainment industry. In August this year, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) thirty-eighth "development China Internet Statistics Report" released, as of June this year, Chinese users reached 710 million, the first half of an average of 3.8 hours online every day. As one of the important applications of the Internet, the online game market is also showing a rapid growth trend. According to iResearch statistics, this year the second quarter online game market reached 41 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 24.2%, an increase of nearly 1%. September 28th, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that some institutions predict that in 2016 China’s online game market is expected to reach 146 billion 300 million yuan. In October 4th, the reporter through WeChat poll on the universities of Shanxi University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, the provincial capital of 163 college students questionnaire survey found that 124 college students have a keen and fixed network games, including 113 weekly log online game time in more than 120 minutes, there are 86 people every year for investment of over 500 online games yuan. College student Meng Chaofan said that 6 quarters of its people are playing a game called "Heroes union". "In high school, learning pressure is so big, there is almost half of the boys in the class are playing online games, mainly talk about network game is one of the students’ study time." After talking about the situation of the University, Meng Chaofan said: after the university to reduce the pressure of learning, online games in the increasingly high penetration among students. A large number of students do not play in the past, are playing in the other students to play up." He said, now at night if there is no study, walk in the boys’ dormitory corridor, everywhere is the accompaniment and sound of fighting games. Not only is the boy to play, and the girls around him is also a master of online games. Meng Chaofan believes that, as long as it does not affect the premise of learning, appropriate to play every day"相关的主题文章: