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Business The Public Relations New York .munity is being rocked by change and will never be quite the same. Press conferences, press clips, media tours may soon go the way of high button shoes and buggy whips. Words like tweet up are dominating the conversation among the Public Relations New York execs. Those of us operating in the Public Relations New York ecosystem have been in the forefront of the changes wrought by the widespread acceptance of social media as a mechanism to reach key constituents. The Public Relations New York .munity has been quick to embrace the use of social media as the primary vehicle for thought leadership initiatives, surpassing traditional tactics like media relations, speaker placements and bylined articles. The Public Relations New York crowd has also be.e active in supplying content for blogs, podcasts and viral video scripts and other forms of self-published digital media content. In addition, the Public Relations New York .munity has been quick to embrace content-rich news releases a shift from traditional announcements toward releases that are packaged much like news stories for editorial placement. Practitioners on the Public Relations New York scene have been caught in the kaleidoscope caused by the collision of social and mainstream media. However, Public Relations New York execs have recognized that social media is be.ing the focus of more mainstream media reporting as the general public .es to understand and embrace platforms such as Twitter. Many within the Public Relations New York .munity are predicting that mobile devices will emerge as a channel for a broader base of PR campaigns and a platform for an explosion of new products and applications for PR professions to promote. Public Relations New York practitioners have also had to cope with media consolidation., a trend which will continue with more and more journalists writing their own blogs, vlogs and podcasts as a channel to report on the areas they monitor. Many businesses and Public Relations New York firms will hire some of the refugees from the world of journalism to provide content for corporate blogs, Web sites, newsletters and other self-publishing initiatives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: