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Suzuki Ryohei will be the main "lupin III" the rumor that Atsuko Maeda starred in the Sohu Suzuki Ryohei entertainment will be the main drama "police department" money for entertainment Sohu (compiled Domino) to determine the strength before the co production starring actor Suzuki Ryohei NTV and WOWOW Hulu, operation fee channel project of HJ company "TV money for police department". The show has been scheduled for release in 2017. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama drama will be "money for police department debut in lupin III" hero, launched the original story is a humane full criminal drama. The money for the police department as the hero is also rumored comic series, but the story will be completely original, re shaping the image of police department for money. As the protagonist of Suzuki Ryohei said that this role is a stubborn stubborn, never allow evil justice super image of the police, the case is very complex and interesting, I hope the audience can expect foreign drama. In addition to playing the hero of Suzuki Ryohei, the former AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda also decided to join the search for a female Interpol search, another major task will be played by the state of wood by the play of Miura Takashio. First determine the main story in the NTV broadcast from the main part of the story of the play by WOWOW, Hulu and NTV three Taiwan cooperation has been launched the independent story in WOWOW, Hulu, the audience can see the money for police department in three different stories, a feast for the eyes.相关的主题文章: