Survey 55.5% respondents haze day wearing masks; the first standard high comfort

            survey: 55.5% of respondents haze day wearing a mask the primary standard of comfort

55.5% respondents haze days will wear masks

57.1% respondents feel masks publicity gimmicks

winter haze raging, travel in haze days, many people will wear masks. Recently, the China Youth newspaper social survey center through a questionnaire network, conducted a survey of 2004 people, encountered fog and haze days, 55.5% of respondents will wear masks, and 31.8% of respondents will depend on the situation. The primary standard respondents choose masks are comfortable (65.4%), followed by anti haze effect is strong (64.6%). 57.1% of respondents believe that the mask publicity stunt.

23 year old Xu Peiyu grew up in Beijing, speaking of Beijing haze, she seems relatively calm. "Better than storms, when the sandstorm came a sand mouth". Xu Peiyu did not wear a mask habit, think of it on, even if it can not remember. However, there is a time to go out wearing a mask, came back and found the mask color black, I realized the importance of wearing masks".

Xu Peiyu feel, in recent years, many people wearing masks, but like my father, my grandmother, the older generation, or not willing to wear masks, they too trouble, do not think so".

survey, encountered fog and haze days, 55.5% of respondents will wear masks. 31.8% of respondents do not necessarily wear, depending on the circumstances. 12.6% of respondents did not even wear masks in the haze days.

in 2016 to Beijing school Ren Zhuoru of the haze weather is very sensitive, as long as the haze struck, she will wear anti haze masks. "Because it’s really hard to wear a mask, I’ll keep coughing and get used to wearing a mask". Ren Zhuoru generally choose a brand of standard respirator masks, I in the official website, convenience stores, hospitals have bought, the price is almost, a dozen dollars, then I can not accept the expensive". Ren Zhuoru believes that now is the anti haze masks to buy, if no protective effect of the mask is lost.

According to the

survey, respondents selected primary standard masks are high degree of comfort (65.4%), followed by strong anti haze effect (64.6%), and other standard price is acceptable (41.8%) and (20.6%) look fashionable etc..

further investigation found that 45.1% of respondents would choose with anti haze masks breathing valve, followed by cotton masks (18.1%), and other disposable masks (16.8%), no anti haze masks breathing valve (14.8%) and star with active carbon mask (4.2%) etc..

Xu Peiyu often choose a brand with a breathing mask, general;