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"Beautiful" full-length trailer exposure affiliated will Smith stars get together – "beautiful" entertainment Sohu affiliated notice poster will Smith, Kate Winslet, Kayla Knightley, Helen Mirren and other stars at Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) production cycle two years of drama movie stars "affiliated beautiful" released today. The length of formal notice and poster. The trailer completely confirms this why this year will be known as the "Christmas drama" the Avengers "," three generations of heavyweight show star all appear in the film, Oscar seems to go all out to shock. The hero of the movie is a black star will Smith, revolves around him the salvation of the soul journey, the Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet. In addition, Edward Norton, Kayla – Knightley, Naomi – Harris, also appeared in the trailer, everyone from the performance point of view, it is a real actor wind play movie. "Accessory beauty" was directed by David Franco, who served as the director of the world’s most popular fashion workplace, the queen of Prada. Once before, "Earl and me and the dying girl" won the top prize at the Sundance Film Festival director Alfonso Gomes rejon had intended to take the project, but due to various reasons, rejon gave up this opportunity. Frankel in the fastest time to join the crew to create, has completed the production of the film. In the movie "beautiful" subsidiary, will Smith play the leading actor is a New York advertising agency, he fell into the bottom of life after suffering misfortunes, unable to extricate themselves in the quagmire of depression. His colleagues came up with an unusual way to save him, but the results were surprising. The film had been prepared for a long time, the actor had intended to be Hugh – Jackman, but because of the "Wolverine 3" in the body, so the replacement of the actor in the. David Frankel is a famous film director in Hollywood, in the United States has deep attainments. His representative works include "sex and the city", "entourage", he is very good at the modern type of film and television works, so the "beautiful" affiliated to this movie, David should be nothing difficult, the film is expected to be built into a fashion comedy film. "Beautiful" subsidiary in December 16th this year will be landing in theaters in North america.相关的主题文章: