Su Wei Wei I do not have a sense of security can be kicked off at any time (video)

Ningtie Su Wei: playing super insecure I may be away [report] 1-2 Suning Yatai home court Teixeira opened the November 9th sports Tencent Sainsbury’s last season, the Australian defender Sainsbury’s play very good help, Jiangsu Suning won the super runner up, and enter the FA Cup finals. However, in an interview with the Australian media recently accepted the "SBS" website, Sainsbury said, even if he has a contract, but is still unable to determine whether they can continue to stay in effect. Sainsbury said, super foreign aid out rate is very high, if Suning found more foreign aid, so leave may be his only choice. Suning defender Sainsbury’s "the end of the season, I have two years of contract and suning." Sainsbury said, "but, in like a revolving door, the players kept in and out. So, by the end of the year, we’ll see what happens. I don’t know if I can continue to play for Su Ning in the coming days." See for yourself in the future, Suning, Sainsbury’s wait-and-see attitude. "In football, it’s always an exciting topic. You never know what’s going to happen next." Sainsbury said, "so we can do is wait. In the super, nothing can surprise me. Sometimes, you will see a player played well in his club, but the next minute you leave by the club notice. In Shanghai Shenhua, Cahill is an example of this. Cahill is doing well, he is the No. two Shenhua striker, but he was away. Football is a business, everyone wants to get the best results, if the team think they can buy the best people, they will do so." Because of the uncertainty of the future, while Suning have been very good, but do not rule out the possibility of a transfer, came back: "I enjoy the current state. Life in Nanjing is easy for me, because I’m used to it. But at the same time, my partner and I are always looking for a new adventure, you have to enjoy every moment, because you never know, once you leave, the future will not have the opportunity to come to these countries. If my club finally decides not to me, then I will start making my choice." For Suning, Sainsbury’s have very good memories, especially Teixeira impressed him: "the club spent a lot of money in the introduction of foreign aid, so much is expected. As far as I’m concerned, I think I played well. We had a very good season, took second place, more than many expected. We are also looking forward to the FA Cup final. I was happy, can become teammates and many good players, when you and Teixeira such a big play, he may take you to a new level, he is probably the best player I’ve ever worked with. I am very happy that such people are not their opponents, but teammates." (Yalugelu)相关的主题文章: