” Su Peisheng ” Li Tianzhu openly anti homosexuality by the stars cold choke lm3886

" Su Peisheng " Li Tianzhu was openly anti gay star Li Tianzhu Sina award cold choking entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the actor Li Tianzhu in "goodbye daughter" won the Golden Bell award winning mini series as the emperor, Li Tianzhu praised opponents are great, expect to have young actor actor Lu heritage, but afterwards he surveyed sudden that does not support gay language surprised person "homosexuality to future generations is a curse, a remark sparked heated debate, with Aaron Yan [micro-blog] cold chokes Li Tianzhu, Liang Zhengqun [micro-blog] on Facebook:" boom is insulting in this industry every hard man." Li Tianzhu Liang Zhengqun: anti gay face extinction Terran is discrimination Li Tianzhu expectations more young actors Award "this is a kind of inheritance" in the background, but Schmidt said, not for money to sell their own beliefs, Juyan Comrade piece, he is not gay, homosexuality will cause the extinction of the human race. The remarks, let Liang Zhengqun wrote: "gradually found that some people do not speak, can let me respect three; some people say a lot of things, but make me sick." Liang Zhengqun believes that the greenhouse effect, food crisis and hate speech will cause the extinction of the human race, now Li Tianzhu choked comrade’s remarks, so Liang Zhengqun wrote: "the elder is insulting in this industry every hard man."相关的主题文章: