Stylish portable features than SLR single micro camera recommended value ca1805

Stylish portable features than SLR SLR camera recommended in the past it is generally believed that SLR camera is a professional symbol, they tend to have a large volume and rich accessories. However, with the development of the times, today’s micro single is not the same as in the past to give people the feeling of toys. In addition to maintaining their own size, weight, performance is more and more close to the SLR, and even a lot of practical features are not available slr. It is important that the value is often much higher than the SLR, with the exception of the camera can also be used as a single product of your fashion. So for many travel enthusiasts and photography users, choose a micro single with the price of the SLR is more practical. Here we recommend a few micro single, they are not only stylish and portable, and full-featured, very suitable for carrying out. Let’s look at it. Are all portable SLR value than single micro recommended product picture product name product features the lowest electricity supplier OLYMPUS E-M10 II built-in flash and Wi-Fi, the five axis stabilization performance of 4600 yuan OLYMPUS E-PL7 multi angle flip self touch screen, support beauty features, and support Wi-Fi 3399 yuan Canon EOS M3 (quotation picture Forum) real-time viewfinder 24 million 200 thousand DIGIC 6 pixel image processor 11 shooting mode 3108 yuan Fuji X-E2s 0.62 times magnification, dynamic tracking system AF, 350g small light body 5799 yuan Fuji X-A2 automatic macro, multi-objective autofocus, classic positive film simulation style 3499 yuan Fuji X-T1 (quotation picture Forum) design of die-casting aluminum magnesium alloy frame 2 million 360 thousand, draw point 0.77 times large magnification electronic viewfinder, 1 million 40 thousand point 3 inch LCD screen can be folded 7790 yuan SONY alpha 6000 (quotation picture Forum) 11 sec high-speed continuous shooting, the data line charging 179 phase of focus, built-in WiFi NFC 4170 yuan Soni 5100 (quotation pictures Forum) simple video professional 24 million 300 thousand pixel excellent quality shooting 3969 yuan deposit 3 GF8 16 million pixels Panasonic screen full HD video recording 2699 yuan SONY alpha 7 (quotation picture Forum) full frame single micro, 24 million 300 thousand pixels, 1080 Full HD camera, 117 focus on a budget of 8661 yuan 3000 yuan recommended 1, only 3399 yuan OLYMPUS E-PL7 OLYMPUS E-PL7 inherited a E-PL6 definition and characteristics of shape, also joined the multi angle turning self touch the screen, there are beauty function. In addition to join the Wi-Fi function, remote control to better interpret the creative self. These features can be said that in the current pursuit of personalized, readily shoot large, well-developed social networking era is very practical. I believe there will be no small attraction for girls. OLYMPUS E-P~相关的主题文章: