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Stealth " fishing; " website: Apple 6S sold only 1280  is it true — Hainan windows — [experts remind] Click on unknown links to scan two-dimensional code to be careful with the retrofit of phishing sites, consumers should be careful to click on the WeChat QQ and other social software in the unknown links, especially beware of the shopping site requires scanning the two-dimensional code. At the same time, consumers should also pay attention to the site’s record information, to avoid bypassing the third party hosting platform for direct payment. Related companies also set up their own fraud complaints and reporting platform. Mobile phone security experts Ge Jian: two-dimensional code direct transfer transaction, once you use scanning, will directly enter the transfer transaction, transfer transaction, may also not get what you want the goods. Experts said, now the fishing website has achieved the template, plus they keep changing the server, so phishing sites appear and disappear very quickly, and the false public number deception at lower costs. In this case, a variety of search engines and social software has become an important channel for the dissemination of these phishing sites, and consumers deceived, it is difficult to obtain evidence, rights, to restore the loss. (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: