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Steady and safe! The heavier the car, the more advanced it really? – people who are overweight in the Sohu will have a range of negative effects on their lives, such as retardation of the brain and even complications of high blood pressure, heart disease, and so on. Similarly, the weight of a car will inevitably affect the car in all aspects of life, the weight brings so is that good or bad? As a consumer, Professor Car Buying also to the concept of weight have a correct understanding. Crash safety first, let’s focus on the relationship with the safety of vehicle weight. The heavier the car, the more secure, I believe many of the old drivers are convinced. However, this opinion is put in real life to set up is very limited, only to meet the body size and structure of the two vehicles under the same conditions, but also set at the same speed, a comparison of weight impact safety makes sense. Otherwise, the weight is not necessarily lighter than the safety of the car. However, whether there are multiple vehicle quality, once hit a large truck or hit the wall, then the role of weight for the safety of the car collision damage almost very little, the opposite may bring more more. So, the weight on the safety argument, but is theoretically possible, but in the real life in the complex, collision, vehicle weight only minimal effect factors, body structure design, the size is very important. Driving performance weight always affects their driving experience, of which the most obvious feeling is nothing more than the control and power of vehicle. Like the fat man with thin run 100 meters sprint, who won or lost as can be imagined. This is why overtaking can run out of amazing acceleration performance, on the one hand is due to the powerful engine technology, on the other hand, the use of a large number of lightweight materials to reduce weight. In daily life, the same dynamic assembly of the car, when you choose full load or no-load, you will find that the performance of the vehicle performance is often a poor grade. The cost of keeping a car again said the cost of keeping a car – fuel consumption back to the consumer concern, in fact we do not have too much weight to the influence of tangled fuel consumption, although the weight will be much affected the performance of the play, but the weight of hundreds of kilograms for fuel consumption, just a few more zero rise, its effect is equivalent to the full under the condition of driving. Therefore, a car is not fuel-efficient, when Car Buying is more concerned about the power system is advanced, and the driving habits is reasonable. The stability of high speed vehicle weight, German Japanese car light, which is also the consensus bias, especially the stability of both displayed at a high speed, presumably a lot of people have a kind of experience, is the Japanese car Peter cars more prone to drift, so the weight really with stability? In fact, the quality of Japanese cars are not necessarily Peter cars light, body shape, chassis tuning and tires is the key to decide the location of vehicle stability. For example, the quality of the SUV is heavier than the car is easier to float, the difference between the two is that the chassis, the shape of the existence of significant differences. The professor summarized in summary, weight in addition to driving performance will affect the vehicle, for safety, fuel consumption and other stability.相关的主题文章: