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Standford said Chen Ou although rub into the net red, people have also been abandoned poly Sohu who is Chinese technology in August the first red net? There are many answers, Fu Yuanhui, Ning Zetao, Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong…. However, who is China’s first red August net rub? There is only one answer, Chen ou! Relying on the hard rub hot spots, rub network red, Chen Ou firmly consolidated the Chinese Internet sector micro-blog red rub the first position. Anyway, if Chen Ouchang a net cop, save Net red Chen Chen said in mind, really want to do electricity supplier, Chen Europe ranked less than the previous. To rub the hot spot, play network red, Internet entrepreneurs, Chen Ou said second, no one dared to say first. Moreover, some red net is not, for example, national husband Wang Jianlin and national husband Wang Sicong, they just say a word, you can brush a domineering side leakage screen. But Chen Ou is obviously rub net red — what hot rub what, who red rub who. In order to cater to the users, not afraid not afraid of the bottom line show show pants. "Look at Chen Ou so, I still think Chen Europe micro-blog number is stolen?!" I have a friend who says that. Rub network red Chen ou, looks better than silk silk,?? was? Wire fighter fight, curse is forceful than the square dance aunt wild. Star general hot rub, rub is three, clear positive events, such as support for Diaoyu Islands, forwarding of public welfare activities and so on, and other popular obvious interaction and so on, is to show the love of country, love, love, Love Charity fans small animal image of the sun and so on. But Chen ou can not the same thing, three August is the hottest, one Olympic Games, is a state, Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong, is a family, and students were Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud mad, the three most popular event, Chen Ou but a no leakage, rub and rub. Moreover, his remarks of "meet the energy", and BBS forum on the same popular message. For example, Xu Yuyu talked about the incident, Chen Ou advice is "suggested network fraud direct shot, so naturally no fraud emerge in an endless stream". (Chen Ou laterdeleted the micro-blog) for fraud, Chen Ou criticism so emboldened, people always feel as onlookers. Before broke the selling fake storm, not fraud? Besides the capital market in the United States estimate was in the doldrums, Chen Ou layer to reassure investors, he on’s future with confidence for Chen Ou trust, many investors in the stock fell way, still held all of US stocks, who expect a few months later, Chen Outu ran low before and after privatization, not this is not a cheat? Chen Europe in August is most concerned about the baby divorce. For example, the attack for Ma Rong to speak, criticism of the baby’s extreme practice mango mango: "you put your daughter-in-law WeChat posted out, so that we help you out of the derailment, anyway, you do not care, sb a." Even more interesting is that in order to popular network, Chen Ou step by step does not leak, always close to the baby horse Rong hot micro-blog, even scold other netizens hot rub, macho ang.相关的主题文章: