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"Space travelers" hair Chinese behind the scenes parattah space abdominal training – Sohu entertainment star jazz Kerrey McDonald and big cousin Jennifer Laurence co starred in [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment star jazz Chris McDonald and "big cousin" Oscar winner Jennifer – starring Laurence annual sci-fi adventure blockbuster "Passengers" (tentative translation of "space travelers") in December 21st will be officially landed in North america. Today, the film behind the scenes big run, engineer male actor Chris McDonald, abdominal training hanging wire digital edition stuntman, luxury suites and other space making stories together with secret, high-tech space tour opened immediately!     "space travelers" compared to the past Space movie comprehensive upgrade, in addition to ideas in a space suit, robotics and other fields like the original breakthrough in photography, set design and other aspects is the development of a new burst of cool skills. In the new exposure behind the episode, the crew created a digital version of the male by photogrammetry, using 93 cameras, each face of a 22.5 degree angle shooting a computer generated 3D image fidelity to Pratt himself by unbelievable. When you see the digital version of a perfect copy of his "God", Pratt doesn’t forget to say, "how did you make it look so handsome? I feel like I’m in love." In the studio hanging wire act very hard, but it is clear that Pratt will use a black Technology: "this is the best way to exercise abdominal muscles, feel they should install a muscle in my gym". The internal structure of the spacecraft, and Laurence Avalon parattah take two people at the No. in the first exposure, the staff is the most luxurious suite – favourite work on the ship – Vienna suite. The two storey apartment suite perfectly embodies the beauty of design, called the film interior design textbook: not only various living facilities with streamlined Goods are available in all varieties., the future of science and technology, with the same simple geometric patterns and chic, the vast sky is looked up and see, let the stairs ignored have been carefully designed, simple but full of reiki. The annual science fiction adventure "space travelers" tells the story of two space tourist Chris McDonald and Jennifer Laurence’s fatal accident in the deep space travel, not only wake up as early as 90 years will also face the imminent collapse of the spacecraft and the cruel truth. The film will be released in North America in December 21st this year. The film produced by Columbia Pictures Industries Inc in the United States, Mo Teng – Thailand dum xingjue directed by Chris McDonald "and" big cousin "Oscar winner Jennifer – starring Laurence, will be landing in North America in December 21st, China is expected to introduce.相关的主题文章: