South Korea’s top level of only 2.6% of China’s super count has been accused of arteriosclerosis rainism

South Korea’s top supercomputer level only 2.6% Chinese accused has been suffering from arteriosclerosis source: global network according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on September 8th, Korea Science and Technology Information Institute (KISTI) has a "super computer machine on the first floor of No. 4". In 2009, it was ranked fourteenth in the world’s super supercomputer, computing speed of 300TFlops, that is, the operation speed per second is 300 trillion times. But the good times don’t last long this supercomputer, has long been out of the top 500 list of the world. But the KISTI supercomputer No. 4 machine still bears the task of calculating the pile up like a mountain hand. South Korea’s small and medium enterprises want to use this machine once the competition is 3.5:1. In fact, the number 4 machine has already retired, the academic community is generally considered supercomputer life cycle of five years. According to Moore’s law, the performance of the computer every five years to enhance the 10 times, every 10 years to enhance the times of 100. Now the world supercomputer speed has entered a thousand times the Peta era of TFlops. As a result, KISTI is preparing to introduce a supercomputer with a speed of 25PFlops 5 next year. In artificial intelligence and big data represented by the fourth industrial revolution era, the super computer must not be absent. South Korea among the world’s top 500 supercomputers have a number of units, from the perspective of the number of super count, ranking the world’s eighth place in the world’s top seven. But these seven are all imported goods, and the ability to use the best performance of the Korea meteorological department even imported super computer is the only super computer "China independent research and development of Taihu Shenwei light 2.6%. South Korea’s future creation science department announced that the future will be self-developed supercomputers, quasi annual investment of 10 billion won (about 60 million yuan) in 2020 to fight before the super speed of more than 1PFlops, more than 30PFlops before 2025. Reported that this goal is too low. South Korea’s future creation science broadcasting Communications Commission member Jin Shengtai said that Han Guochao is a sound ecological system has been destroyed for a long time. South Korea’s supercomputers are now suffering from atherosclerosis. It is imperative to change the concept of supercomputers at the national level, and must be committed to the budget and manpower. Original title: South Korea’s top level is only 2.6% of China has been accused of atherosclerosis相关的主题文章: