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SONY had filed lawsuits in the patent rogue Chinese Sohu [Technews] technology science news according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the Japanese veteran electronics giant SONY (SONY) is a Canadian Patent company charged in Chinese, said SONY intelligent mobile phone LTE standard violations of the company’s patent, the case is under by the relevant authorities in the trial. If SONY was sentenced to lose in the future, SONY will not be able to sell and produce the company’s LTE standard smartphone in the Chinese market in the future. According to the report, the lawsuit against SONY in China is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, a subsidiary of Wilan Inc group Wireless Futures Technologies. The company filed a lawsuit against SONY’s mobile (Sony Mobile Communications) in China last week. The contents of the allegations that SONY’s LTE standard smartphone violated the company’s patents. In the future if the judgment Wireless Futures Technologies win, then SONY will not be able to sell and produce LTE standard smartphone in the Chinese market. According to further reports, even in China, the world’s largest smartphone market, SONY’s market share has been negligible. But for SONY, China market is still the Japanese veteran electronics manufacturers an important production and sales base. In early 2016, SONY has closed its production base in Brazil, making China the most important production base of SONY. In addition to being accused of infringement, the more one disaster after another is SONY so in may be a hot potato. Because Wireless Futures Technologies is a non practicing entity (NPE) company. That is, these companies have very little business operations, the main source of profit is to earn a lot of revenue from the patent. And this kind of company, the more popular name is called "trolls (patent)". To provide consulting services for Wireless Futures Technologies Roth international lawyer Erick Robinson said, this is the first case in Chinese foreign non practicing entities v. foreign technology companies. Since the two companies after two years of fruitless negotiations, Wireless Futures Technologies decided to SONY filed a lawsuit against infringement. In addition, in addition to the Chinese market, Wireless Futures Technologies also filed a lawsuit against infringement in Germany in SONY. Erick Robinson pointed out that the lawsuit is expected in Germany, Wireless Futures reported相关的主题文章: