Song Guoquan, Secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee of the CPC Hefei Municipal Committee,

Song Guoquan Ren Hefei Municipal Standing Committee of Anhui provincial Party committee secretary Wu Cunrong will no longer serve as – Beijing China Economic Net Hefei November 11th report (Peng Bo) according to the Anhui network news, the afternoon of November 11th, the city of Hefei city held a meeting of leading cadres. Provincial Party committee announced the meeting decided: Comrade Song Guoquan any Hefei Municipal Committee, standing committee, secretary, no longer serve as party secretary of Wuhu, the provincial Party Secretary of the Party committee of Jiangbei industrial concentration area (concurrently), standing committee members. Comrade Wu Cunrong no longer serve as secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee, member of the standing committee. According to China Economic Net, local party and government leaders library information, Song Guoquan, born in March 1960, he served as mayor of Huangshan City, Tongling municipal Party committee secretary and other duties, in August this year, any party secretary. In November 3rd, the Tenth Plenary Session of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee held its first plenary meeting, Song Guoquan was elected to the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Committee (related reports). Wu Cunrong, born in May 1963, he served as secretary of the Hefei municipal Party committee in 1 months after entering the leadership of the provincial Party committee, recently appointed vice governor of Anhui province (related reports) (). Song Guoquan resume Song Guoquan, male, Han nationality, born in March 1960, Anhui Taihe, August 1982 to participate in the work of China in December 1985 to join the Communist Party, the Central Party school graduate degree, a bachelor’s degree in economics, senior economist. From October 1978 to August 1982 in the Department of economics at Anhui University economics, he graduated from Ma’anshan radio and television news; October 1983 served as the Ma’anshan municipal lecturer faculty, provincial instructors "theoretical learning" of editors, deputy director; in September 1995, the provincial development and Planning Commission comprehensive cadre; February 1996 the Deputy director of the provincial development and Planning Commission comprehensive May 1998; director of investment Refco Group Ltd comprehensive planning department; in July 1999 he was appointed Deputy General Manager of the provincial science and Technology Industry Investment Co. Ltd. in February 2002; the former vice mayor of Chaohu city (prefecture level from September 1999 to July 2002 at the central Party school, postgraduate courses in economics and Management Studies); in December 2004 the former Chaohu Municipal Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, deputy mayor; 200 In April 7 former municipal deputy secretary of Chaohu Municipal Committee, vice mayor and acting mayor in January 2008; the former mayor of Chaohu Prefecture; in August 2009 he served as Deputy Secretary of Mount Huangshan municipal Party committee, deputy mayor, deputy mayor, director of the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Management Committee; January 2010 Deputy Secretary of Mount Huangshan Municipal Committee, mayor, director of the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Management Committee; in February 2013, he served as party secretary of Tongling; in August 2016, he served as party secretary of Wuhu province Jiangbei Industry Zone Party committee first Secretary (and); in November 2016 he served as the Anhui Provincial Committee, Hefei Municipal committee. The eleven and the twelve National People’s congress. The nine CPC provincial committee. Wu Cunrong resume Wu Cunrong, male, Han nationality, born in May 1963, ann.相关的主题文章: