SMTH BBS partners turn commercial buried equity disputes hidden




"Mizuki prosperity, cannot do without early that a group of common ideals, tough and unyielding station group push, but the team still went to the last division." The evening of January 23rd, former SMTH (later renamed Mizuki community) Wang Yuquan webmaster, a history of Mizuki community partners will reveal to the public dispute.

was the Internet financial executives at micro-blog Wang Yuquan published a long article, have come into fashion of campus BBS Mizuki community return to the public again. Mizuki community is the Tsinghua University Kochi community based on the rise of the Internet in the beginning, such as SMTH, sun Guanghua, Peking University Weiming, Xicihutong, Tianya forum BBS has provided for young people to a network of spiritual home. Now, BBS in the way of social networking in the new gradually dim, irreducible fenghua.

The decline of

partners to open enemies the fuse is not BBS, but after BBS commercial partners in the dispute. One of Wang Yuquan and another partner Zhou Lin is divided between Mizuki community commercialization and fading, but the two sides did not respond to the reporter.

, who has long been active in Mizuki community of users said to the "daily economic news" reporter, if Mizuki community resort to legal disputes, the fading trend will become more obvious.

partner "enemies"

SMTH was the campus of Tsinghua University based on BBS 2005, independent operation, renamed Mizuki community.

according to Wang Yuquan’s account, because the website operation requires the ICP protocol, and ICP protocol access 2005 Mizuki community’s chances are slim, so "from new" "shareholders represents a total of 15 people consisting of the Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Water Commission) to 50% of the shares for the price will be anchored in a community Mizuki ICP company. The water authority agreed to set up the remaining 50% stake in a company, and agreed to share their interests in accordance with a proportion, but also in accordance with the proportion of responsibility".

, however, the water authority agreed in the 2005 agreement that the company had not been able to set up an independent company at the time of the meeting. Wang Yuquan wrote, "in the end of 2015, without the consent of others, Mizuki community ownership was secretly transferred to a new company set up by the four person’s name, a controlling stake in the week Lin lover Zhao Jingyi personal name.

however, these claims have not been confirmed by the Zhou Lin, also did not respond to the public. The "daily economic news" reporter on the evening of January 23rd by micro-blog, or private letter to contact Zhou Lin failed, 24 attempts to search easy loan (Beijing) Financial Information Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as the search easy loan) contact Zhou Lin phone, but repeatedly call the front desk staff, the;