[small] moral world Yan’er is love the filial piety girl moved China oboni

[small] moral world Yan’er is love the filial piety girl moved China "China most beautiful boy filial piety, filial love the old pro model" and "moral model", "the virtues of youth"…… Behind these "first name", is Pubei County of Qinzhou City, pingmu town to be an ordinary ordinary rural girl — Liang Yan. What stories do she have to gain so much honor? What is the spirit behind us worth learning? The answer lies in the film "Dashan Xiaoyan". (Pubei girl Liang Yan (Pubei filial piety) girl Liang Yan) "mountain small Yan" adapted from the true story of the filial love the old pro model figure of Liang Yan, with the art to restore a rural girl face the fate of "filial piety", in order to support the course of their life values. The beginning of the film, Guangxi is Pubei extending mountain, a paper reported Pro Tu folk songs around it, pointing out the theme of the film instantly. Then, the picture went black and white to show the past, in the rainy night of August 1998, a baby girl was abandoned, and that day, the village of a single Liang Xianjiang, a daughter, that is the protagonist of the story, little Liang Yan. Although the conditions are difficult, but little Liang Yan in the care of the father, still carefree growth. But because of lumbar problems good times don’t last long, father, can not do heavy work, and even paralysis. Young Liang Yan to take up the responsibility of the family, get up at 5 every day, cooking, father body wash pour down the urine feces, fetching water and firewood, and then go to school at noon, in order to take care of the sick father, and get back home from school for father cook then fed back to the school, in order to Liang Yan also learned to earn money to prepare all kinds of bamboo products, pick to town to sell, only to buy a good father, her body. The weather is unpredictable, because father stroke coma, the most critical illness in seven days, Liang Yan closely, took good care of her. After waking up, Liang Xianjiang saw the child so hard work, in order not to drag the little Liang Yan, her father told her true story, let her back to her mother’s arms, but stubborn little Liang Yan refused to acknowledge him, to which a father, as in the past to take care of her old dad "ah".

【德行天下】小燕儿有大爱 这位孝心少女感动了中国   “中国最美孝心少年”、“孝老爱亲模范”、“道德模范”、“美德少年”……在这些“名头”的后面,是钦州市浦北县平睦镇里一个普通到不能再普通的农村少女——梁燕。她身上有什么故事让她获得了如此多的殊荣,背后又有什么精神是值得我们学习的呢?答案尽在微电影《大山小燕》之中。 (浦北孝心少女梁燕) (浦北孝心少女梁燕)   《大山小燕》改编自全国孝老爱亲模范人物梁燕的真实事迹,以艺术的手法还原了一个农村女孩面对多舛的命运,以“孝”字撑起自己的人生价值观的历程。影片开始,是广西浦北延绵不绝的大山,一首阐述报亲恩的山歌环绕其间,瞬间点明了影片主旨。随后,画面转入黑白,以示过去,在那个1998年8月的雨夜里,一个女婴被遗弃了,而也就是那一天,平睦村一个单身汉梁贤江多了一个女儿,那就是故事的主角,小梁燕。虽然条件艰苦,但小梁燕在养父的悉心爱护下依旧无忧无虑地成长着。可好景不长,养父因为腰椎出现问题,无法干重活,乃至瘫痪。年幼的小梁燕担起了这个家的责任,每天5点起床,做饭、为养父擦身洗脸倒屎倒尿,挑水砍柴,然后赶去学校上学,中午为了照顾卧病在床的养父,又从学校赶回家中为养父做饭喂饭之后再回学校,为了多赚点钱小梁燕还学会编制各种竹制品,挑到镇上去卖,仅仅是为了给养父买点好的,补补身体。而天有不测风云,养父因为脑中风昏迷,在病情最危急的七天里,梁燕寸步不离,悉心地照顾着。醒来后的梁贤江看到孩子如此辛苦操劳,为了不拖累小梁燕,养父将她的真实身世告诉她,让她回到自己母亲的怀抱,可执拗的小梁燕却不肯,非要认他这一个爸,一如既往地照顾着她的老“阿爸”。相关的主题文章: