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Six why does the plenum communique mention "senior cadres" in 10? Original title: six plenary communique why mention 10 senior cadres? 27, 2009, even the opening of the closing of the four days of the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, followed by the Xinhua News Agency issued a plenary communique. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in the more than 6 thousand words of the full text of the communique, "senior cadres" has become a high-frequency words, has appeared in 10. "Leading cadres, particularly senior cadres must take the lead in practicing the socialist core values, morality, self-cultivation, honesty and the sense of shame." "Senior cadres especially the central leadership members must set an example, abide by the party constitution, abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules." "Party members and cadres, particularly senior cadres in front of major issues issues of right and wrong ambiguous attitude, can not shake the basic political position, can not be swayed by false statements." "All Party members especially senior cadres should keep up with the Party Central committee." "The party’s leading organs and leading cadres of different views must be heard, especially leading cadres, senior cadres must take the initiative to learn from you, outspoken."…… Today (28 days), the Central Propaganda Department held a press conference, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department Leaders introduced the six plenary session of the Central Committee, and a reporter asked. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that, in response to questions, the Central Organization Department Deputy Minister Qi Yu and Deputy Secretary Wu Yuliang also has two points to the "senior cadres". Qi Yu said, to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, is to the party’s request, is the common task of the whole party, but the most important thing is to do a good job of leading cadres, particularly senior cadres of the key minority". Wu Yuliang, in response to the "two documents are referred to the ‘key minority’, what considerations?" The problem, also specially by Zhou Yongkang et al. For example: "some senior cadres investigated since eighteen, especially Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou, et al Ling Jihua, caused a huge damage to our party, is a profound lesson. So, whether it is to promote the comprehensive strictly, or carry out the criterion and regulations, all leading cadres from senior cadres in particular grabbed." "The four overall in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, mainly research on" comprehensive strictly "problem. From the plenary session bulletin, and answer Qi jade and Wu Yuliang at the press conference, "senior cadres" will undoubtedly become a "key" strictly, hold the "number" is "full" and "strict" a premise. The "senior cadres" and no clear official definition, but "political affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) in Chinese news network "Communist Party rules." the "CPC Central Committee on security senior cadres of the Conservative Party and state secrets provisions", there is a rough frame the scope of "senior cadres" that means "deputy provincial Party and state organs and people’s organizations in the ministerial level cadres, including retired to enjoy the deputy provincial or ministerial level cadres treatment." In other words, in addition to military generals, generally referred to as senior cadres, deputy provincial and ministerial level cadres and retired cadres. "The government" found out, after eighteen"相关的主题文章: