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[Singapore] the most grand buffet dinner brought durian durian, although the head of the "king of fruits" reputation, but really love love, hate hate. Do not love the people don’t eat, as long as the smell is champing Taozhiyaoyao; love people is completely "idiotic powder", heard the name to see the photos will slobber. In view of this conflict, hotel, shopping malls and other public places to defend is prohibited to eat durian, take on the train, aircraft and other transportation tools are tightly packed, free open to eat a Durian feast is probably the dream of every durian control. Last weekend in the World Singapore Sentosa, caught in a so-called world’s largest durian durian Love Buffet dinner, you will envy me. To say how much the size of I don’t know, but the two night to eat for 8000 kg ah, hit the one vote in the end the durian feast, I’m afraid no durian control can guanzhuziji mouth. This is not only the fruit in Southeast Asia, and even has become a kind of culture, although Singapore may not be the origin, but is close to Malaysia, the people here have been Malaysia ‘influence, "said durian durian is the best Malay was sold to Singapore, a variety of durian as raw material is a local favorite snacks. Resorts World durian buffet dinner is from Malaysia, D13, D24, foot bamboo shrimp and other varieties, fewer not make people unable to hide greeds Cat Mountain King, durian control together can finally no taboo gobble down. Here the McDonald’s supply of durian wheat cyclone, even Singapore Airport M beans to eat the durian, quickly into the bowl! Please pay attention to more interesting journey @ changtuishushu from the original changtuishushu Sina blog   travellog durian buffet held in a square near the scenic world HARD ROCK Hotel, of course is in the open air with good ventilation. But near the site you can smell the strong smell of durian, a friend, because can’t stand and fled but to love the people, that is really delicious. In this battle the venue was stunned, several tens of meters long row of shelves filled with a variety of small mines like durian, like a parade, Ren Jun pick. We eat dinner late, yard already filled with diners, hundreds of thousands of people gathered together to eat durian scene was spectacular. See table I pile up like a mountain hand booty, estimated directly when durian dinner was definitely not in the minority. The shelf eat durian pick, as long as their love variety told the staff, others are not, they will pick out the best for you. It is said that the durian growers will not take the initiative to pick at the tree but durian, durian mature natural fall from a tree. After the fruit will naturally fall off to collect the durian to get the market to sell, no processed durian can only store 2 to 3 days, the durian falling from the tree after two days is the best time to eat, Singapore Malaysia, so here is fresh durian. G相关的主题文章: