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China Academy of space application engineering and technology and the French Aerospace Center (NOVESPACE) signed a cooperation agreement, the subsidiary of weightlessness experiment center will serve as a new space in Chinese area only representative, provide relevant technical support, mission organization and technical support for customers Chinese. This marks the full opening of the European parabolic flight opportunities to Chinese users.

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Chinese Academy of space application engineering and technical director Gao Ming said, China’s two temple and Shenzhou eleven manned space mission was a complete success, marking the extension task forward space science and application experiment of manned space flight, the "promotion of space science, space technology, space applications and comprehensive development" in depth and breadth have put forward higher requirements.

according to reports, the use of high-performance weightlessness aircraft to do continuous parabolic flight, can be repeated on the plane of weightlessness and overweight environment, you can simulate the gravity of the moon and Mars gravity environment. The weightless aircraft is the only manned space flight platform in addition to the space station, space laboratory and manned spacecraft.

it is understood that due to weightlessness aircraft can provide manned weightlessness, and has short preparation cycle and the large space, especially in support of conventional ground equipment to carry out scientific experiments of weightlessness experiment etc., the United States, Russia, Japan and Europe, long-term use of parabolic flight carry out pilot training, space science and applied research, space equipment and technology verification, recently often used to film shooting, weightlessness science activities etc..

NOVESPACE used to provide parabolic flight service ZERO-G weightless aircraft with 200 cubic meters of internal space, allowing the carrying of the crew of 40, equipment load of 2 tons, can carry out 10-15 experiments.

The center of

China Academy of space application engineering and technology is the overall unit manned space application system, on behalf of Chinese academy responsible for the total catch of manned space science and application of task planning, implementation and production and promotion etc.. NOVESPACE is a subsidiary of the French Aerospace Center, commissioned by the French space agency, the European Space Agency, the German Aerospace Center and other space agencies, since 1988 to provide users with parabolic flight services in europe.

Gao Ming said that the integration of both the advantages of resources and technical strength of the cooperation, space science and application development services in our country, and provide strong support for both space science and applications to carry out long-term and fruitful cooperation.