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"Siege" running TV hit drama week Xinyu campus Belle appealing – Sohu entertainment week Xinyu stills Sohu entertainment news by Huang Jiahui, directed by Kou Zhanwen, Zheng Yu, Shirley Dai, Zhou Xinyu starring in large-scale war drama "siege" running out of time is Hubei TV and Sichuan satellite TV prime time hit. In the play, Zhang Ziyi sister Zhou Xinyu Tang Yan campus Belle, the stars as Liu Yuyan in the "siege" running, the first shock in the war drama. For the first time appeared in the feelings of drama, Zhou Xinyu said the role of Liu and the rain smoke roles are not the same: "Liu rain smoke ill fated life, is a poor man. The beginning is a particularly simple rain smoke Liu girl, just want to learn to play with the master, just how nature too get people, environment and destiny of a step by step to fall." At present, the story has not been more than half, as a pure and beautiful scene in the week Xinyu girl campus Belle, Liu smoke rain was lovingly pathetic, simple kindness, users gain a praise, have pity for. But the old play bone Yue YaoLi also comment the Xinyu beauty and acting in a body, is a young actor, enough to see the performance Xinyu week tension. The play did not graduate, Zhou Xinyu starred in the Zhou Runfa Donnie Yen movie star studded 3D "naotiangong", after graduation week Xinyu steady, starring in the upcoming movies "love" directed by Li Zuonan and starring in inequality, crime and suspense movie "breaking" and is currently being hit "siege" running out of time. Successfully created a number of different styles of the role. Really is the value and strength of the bear. It is said that "running" in the city, Liu after rain smoke blackening, believe that the journey Xinyu week can grasp the characters, will present a vivid willow smoke rain for you.   相关的主题文章: