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Sichuan 9 year old girl wrote "the most sad composition: if I can live and grow up (Figure) Allison writing" one "I am most familiar is seriously ill, but Allison never missed a lesson. Original title: if I could live to grow up…… Suining 9 year old girl wrote "the saddest composition" Sichuan news network October 8th Suining (reporter Zhao Quanjun photo coverage) "I saw my grandmother for my illness tears, my mood is very sad. If I can live to grow up, I will be good filial piety my good grandmother……." 9 year old girl Allison (a pseudonym) because he is suffering from aplastic anemia, after her parents divorced by her grandparents so far. At the end of 9, she was writing this on to write down this sentence copy from rolia. This article is composed of 235 crooked Chinese characters of primary school the third grade writing exercises, "deeply shocked" the teacher. The composition of Suining moon primary school teacher accidentally sent to the Internet, WeChat maxed circle of friends, make friends in tears trickling down cheeks. Since the National Day on the eve of the primary school teachers for spontaneous Allison to raise 3 million yuan donation, to allow it to continue to treat blood transfusion. 9 year old girl wrote "sad" composition "shock" of the teachers in September 25th, the third grade teacher of Chinese primary school students in Suining city the composition, Allison was written "one" I am most familiar attracted. After reading the composition, her eyes moist, a long time can not close the composition. She hesitated for a moment, to adjust their emotions, to sign a A+ with a red pen in the composition, the exercises were to appreciate other teachers. Because the students just began to learn to write a composition, in September 23rd she had arranged a proposition composition homework, let the students learn to use the form of writing a composition, describe their side most familiar with a person. But the teacher was surprised, Allison most ordinary students in the class, he wrote that all teachers are red eye, tears falling small composition. This composition is only 235 Chinese characters, because Allison knew Chinese characters are not many, there are several typos on the book, if not write the words into phonetic annotation. Chinese teacher said, after Allison wrote a composition, expressed his hope to get help heart, but she did not say clearly in fact. That afternoon, Wang Nan took this composition with a cell phone, spread to his WeChat circle of friends. Unexpectedly, even a quick burst of brush circle of friends, actually get a lot of friends point praise, forwarding and hot, have praised this essay is the most sad essay, said to donate money to the author. The girl was suffering from severe every half required a blood transfusion Allison, 9 year old, who lives in Suining city. "Grandma is so lucky, I want to find a good person to help her." In October 8th, for the first time in the face of the Sichuan news network reporter interviewed a young Allison some timid, but she is still with a mouthful of Mandarin, she was writing the composition of the mind, not to finish the homework, but want to get attention. Allison’s grandmother Jiang Quanfang, 56 years old this year. 9 years ago, Allison mothers at home, the family found Allison mouth paradise has defect. In April, Allison got pneumonia, skin whitening, facial Tanxian ischemic symptoms, to lose blood type O supplement. When is the beginning of the three month, no blood blood donors, Jiang Quanfang found in the home, begged the volunteers to offer.相关的主题文章: