Shenzhen woman born baby off 143 days off a monthly salary of 4 thousand (9 thousand) polartec

Shenzhen women born baby off 143 days off a monthly salary of 4 thousand women in Guangdong province maternity leave extended, but for some women, the benefits into a "burden": long maternity leave means unemployment? Shenzhen maternal and child health care hospital, waiting in line waiting for the appointment of mother color ultrasound. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse." Said the Shenzhen new mother Vonnie (a pseudonym) down, looked at the bosom just past the sleeping baby, Vonnie shook his head and sighed: only all take care of her. Shenzhen maternal maternity leave of 178 days, make a public labor to be pregnant women "treasure". The twenty-eighth session of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress (NPC) voted to amend the regulations on population and family planning of Guangdong Province on September 29th. The new regulations for the rehabilitation of maternal and infant development and create a better environment, to further encourage the masses to actively implement the basic national policy of family planning, combined with the actual situation in our province and other provinces will be consistent with the provisions of the reference, children’s incentive leave provisions of laws and regulations, from 30 days extended to 80 days. According to the new regulations, after September 29, 2016 and before birth according to law, the law of fertility and fertility has not yet completed the legal holiday, can enjoy 80 days holiday bonus. After the implementation of the new regulations, women’s maternity leave in Guangdong will be increased to at least 178 days. But little did not expect, maternity benefits, has become her own burden – originally placed in front of her great career planning, turned into empty. Cold treatment, chuanxiaoxie in private enterprises It is quite common for 31 year old little Hin, now back in his private what one sees and hears, still indignant. Is the original Shenzhen Nanshan a brand information management of private employees she had previously worked in a number of companies, to the enterprise, the employer offered her 9000 yuan (basic salary + salary + monthly salary and other subsidies) for others envy. Responsible for the work of her in the company a total of a year and 7 months, during the marriage pregnancy, let her career plan suddenly capsized, just learned that Xiao Yan married pregnant shortly after the leaders one day to find her a "private" shell surface, hope before the negotiation good salary can be suitably reduced, the small Yan very resolute attitude, not promised: "what I have to pay?" Since the two sides signed a work contract, so the middle leadership no way, had to find a reason to lose some small benefits. To have children, vacation on vacation chant, run the relevant formalities, Vonnie happily ready for a new life, but at the same time, the company also carried out a series of adjustments to work with functions. Wait until after maternity leave to return to the company, she was told that the original content of the work has become a business outsourcing business, that is, after coming back, she has not been able to engage in the original work. "I had a total of 143 days, including 128 days of maternity in Shenzhen and Guangdong Province, 15 days late holiday. The leader of the company found me and negotiated with me to transfer to other positions in other departments, but I could not do it at all." According to her, because the content is not responsible, she did not have the assessment, leaving only the basic salary, that is, etc.相关的主题文章: