Shenzhen pigeon cage fined 600 thousand yuan for two ad illegal

Shenzhen real pigeon was fined 600 thousand yuan for two illegal advertisements in Shenzhen "cage homes" will be fined 600 thousand yuan for two illegal advertisements Guangzhou daily Shenzhen news (reporter Xiao Lujun) "China unprecedented Shenzhen print", "6 square meters hardcover is very small" some time ago in Shenzhen with a great reputation of "cage homes" marketing advertising forensic investigation, Shenzhen city market and Quality Supervision Committee of Nanshan Bureau, these two advertisements are illegal advertising, advertising subject therefore fined 600 thousand yuan! Yesterday, the Shenzhen market and Quality Supervision Committee in its official WeChat public no illegal advertising three typical cases. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned in Shenzhen, since October, the real estate market chaos in the industry, the Shenzhen market and quality supervision committee continuously carry out special operations, heavy attack. Hung Wai Hung Vista: fined 210 thousand Yuan Hong Wei Hong Jing Huating aka Hongwei forest is · Kan mountain, located in Longgang. The real estate business to the "class 36 public primary school in Shenzhen City, the largest tank", "comparable to Qiandao Lake landscape" and "appreciation potential" advertising language as a selling point, publicity and promotion to purchasers. The official interpretation: the violation of article ninth of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", "advertisement law" article fourth, paragraph second of article seventh (three), "sixth provisions such as" Provisional Regulations on real estate advertising. Processing results: ordered the parties to stop the illegal act, a fine of 210 thousand yuan. Ru Jun Cheng cubic: fined 13 thousand yuan Ru Chun City Project Marketing Center released "with the upcoming opening of Osaka silver Avenue, then about 10 minutes to reach the content of Futian, Luohu District real estate advertising". The official interpretation: the advertisement to the project in a specific reference to the time required for the project location, in violation of "advertising law" article twenty-sixth, "real estate advertisement issued Provisional Regulations" provisions of article twelfth, tenth. Processing results: ordered the parties to stop the illegal act, a fine of 13000 yuan. Overseas Chinese town is still mixed: fined 600 thousand yuan, "overseas Chinese town is still" the legal name of the project, "Shahe viewing Pavilion", the status quo for a building of 15 storeys, the construction function of office, apartment. Among them, the 6~15 layer for a total of 169 sets of apartments, the right person for Chen, etc.. According to the Shenzhen Planning Commission, in June 16th this year, Shenzhen City Hunan capital investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as the executive company) and Wu Moumou four people affected by natural Moumou commissioned sales of these apartments, but the company said the executive and Chen Moumou et al called principal is transferred, and provide part of the bank transfer credentials. The executive company renamed the "packaging" into "overseas Chinese city is to combine" social marketing during the renovation of the 169 sets of apartments. Illegal advertising words 1: "6 square meters hardcover extremely small" official interpretation: "People’s Republic of China in violation of advertising law" (hereinafter referred to as the "advertisement law") the first paragraph of article twenty-sixth, the building is not marked or area. Illegal advertising words 2: "China unprecedented Shenzhen print" official interpretation: violation of "advertising law" article fourth, as a result of the survey was unable to verify the evidence, false advertising. .相关的主题文章: