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Shenzhen house story: here is a working dog housing is Shenzhen – Sohu news on 07 December 2014, Shenzhen reproduction of a real estate on the CD, the first 735 sets, attracted nearly 3000 people attended the emergency room, 2 billion 500 million hour 3. The visual China for map "love Shenzhen, don’t go" August 26th is Shenzhen’s 36 birthday, some non-governmental organizations in Shenzhen Center Bookstore held a birthday party, the theme is "Shenzhen does not close the door". On the same day, Shenzhen 1 million 540 thousand square meters of land sold, to shoot a total of $31 billion, hit a new national price of the king, it was said that this is a birthday gift". "The first district of Shenzhen’s success is that the sea to a crowd of about 300000 people originally of the county, about 10000000 people hold into international metropolis." Cultural scholar, documentary producer Deng Kangyan said. Man is the most valuable capital. In the past 36 years, the youth came to the throne in exchange for a foothold in the future city of different floors, different areas. At first, they shuttle in the deep South and Huaqiang south talent market, trading wisdom, strength, health, work hard in the bottom line, dream, hope to have a piece of cement. Although they have one night live in the village shop 10 yuan, or even cardboard in the litchi park tree place, reading inspirational statement of reader’s Digest type: "we admire Columbo’s not he discovered a new continent, but he has confidence in the discovery of the new continent." Like a bird flying into the forest, constitute the unique temperament of the city. Deng Kangyan’s writing theme song – "Shenzhen is Shenzhen" sings: "Shennalu like a line through their youth and youth." Later, this song is gone, singing is gone, the youth and immigration as a resume city with the high prices to build a glass door, "repression young ambition, and increased work cost. New South fly, will not have branches can habitat, Wutong Mountain has become a new barrier? Not only young people south and daunting, even cause the old enterprise has also difficult." Deng Kangyan said before in the birthday party. The city’s tallest building is a symbol of the city’s most magnificent. Building the "encirclement and suppression" of urban village is the most pure, the most straightforward, the most convincing portrayal of young people living. The city has a more open attitude to meet the young adventurer, now the door is still open for them? To work is a dog, buy a house is the people of Shenzhen, a long time did not appear Vanke founder Wang Shi suddenly appeared in Shenzhen birthday scene, I am a vested interest in the growth of Shenzhen." He said to the people sitting on the steps. After the speech, Wang Shi to Shenzhen’s 36 year old birthday to leave a line – open mind, Shenzhen is not closed. The next stage of the real estate experts, embarrassed to laugh: "today’s birthday should talk about happy things, but let me talk about prices." Shi Lele staring at the table, even a little trouble. This event is her boss Li Yongtao and, such as the old Shenzhen people planning to hold, most of them came to Shenzhen in 90s of the last century. In the eyes of the old Shenzhen people, then the Shenzhen in the mainland of aspiring youth, like the Revolutionary War相关的主题文章: