Shenzhen bicycle sharing rules or solve the public bicycle chaos;



today, the Internet provides a bike "last mile" convenience, but it also brought trouble, road congestion.

days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission issued "several opinions on encouraging the standardization of Internet bicycle service (Draft)". The "opinion" to promote the healthy development of the Internet, bicycle, and guide the public green travel, the city slow traffic system to create a safe, convenient and efficient, protect the rights and interests of all parties, the main provisions of the Internet enterprise development orientation, bicycle responsibilities, enterprise access requirements and operating norms, public behavior, violations punishment 5 the contents of.

operating vehicles over one hundred thousand   can not be put into disorder

in the streets of Shenzhen, especially in some areas of inadequate public transport, riding a bike sharing a few people. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Statistics, as of now, v-mobile, small yellow car, bike, bike etc. blue Xiaoming 4 enterprises in Shenzhen about 120 thousand of the total number of vehicles on the vehicle.

Internet bike along with the stop with the convenience of the public short distance travel. Fukuda, who lives in the past, said the company because of the remote location, every day under the subway to walk 30 minutes. "Now take a bicycle in the subway mouth, ride to the door of a stop, save time and effort, very convenient." The demand in Shenzhen is not small, v-mobile data show that in Shenzhen there are a large number of users riding at two or three a.m..

Internet bike for the people to solve the last mile problem. But also to a certain extent to ease traffic congestion, reduce motor vehicles on the road to promote the concept of green travel." Shenzhen CPPCC member, director of the center for transportation research, Shenzhen Polytechnic Wang Xue believes that the government should encourage the healthy development of the Internet bicycle industry.

"opinion" affirmed the role of the Internet bicycle on urban transport. We will be positioned as part of the city’s slow traffic system, mainly serving the public in the short distance travel and public transport interchange." Li Yunyuan, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission, said.

Li Yunyuan also pointed out: the Internet is currently in the initial stage of the bicycle market, each operator to occupy the market share, desperately staking." Such as Mobell bicycle, last October 16th began trial operation in Shenzhen, less than 3 months, on the road quickly more than about 60 thousand vehicles Mobell bicycle. "Enterprise on a large number of bicycles, bring enormous pressure to the city road bearing and appearance of the city." Li Yunyuan said.

Shenzhen Bay Park, is one of the hardest hit. Shenzhen Bay Park had a large flow of people, the public’s demand for riding is also large, the Internet company to go here again a large number of bicycles on the vehicle, the three superimposed, the problem is particularly prominent." Li Yunyuan said.

for the problem of disorderly release of Internet bicycles, opinions clearly put forward by enterprises;