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Shaoxing is now the narrowest Lane friends God comments: no pressure yellow line Zha open? I would like to ask the traffic police comrades, do not press the yellow line how to open? Is this fine?" Recently, there are users in Shaoxing Shaoxing forum posting said, in the city’s human resources market has a very narrow road around the designated parking spaces, the vehicle can only press the Yellow line. There are pictures and the truth, the matter immediately caused a lot of people watching, we questioned the marking of rationality at the same time, there are people worried: This is rolling on the line will be punished? Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the city of human resources market is located in the town near the city of Ganoderma lucidum, and many surrounding commercial buildings, although it is the weekend, but a lot of cars, commercial buildings beside the parking lot full of parked vehicles to come to work, a small community Tree Road on the road, a long row of the car stopped at the roadside parking lot. Reporters on the scene saw the world tree road is a two-way lane, because the road is not wide, after the side drew parking spaces, parking spaces between the white and the yellow line distance is less than 1 meters. Even if a car opened, not enough to pass through this narrow space, only one side of the yellow line, while in the lane. Some cars even directly on the other side of the yellow line reverse traffic. "This is the narrowest lane I’ve ever seen. It’s too narrow to hit the car parked next to it. Only the line running or reverse driving, this is too unreasonable." Is on the way to stop the tree, ms.. Reporters on the scene, in addition to bounded tree road, and the junction of Qu Hong Road also has a similar situation. There is also a single lane, while also designated parking spaces, parking lane draw, leaving the same traffic space of less than 1 meters, the vehicle can pass line. In these "most narrow lanes" on line driving, reverse driving, the traffic police department will be punished? In this regard, a traffic police said that the two road signs and markings, the original is no problem. But, with the road traffic and the surrounding parking demand considerations, the relevant departments have made some adjustments to the two road, the first is the two roads into a single line, and then on one side of the road out of the parking lot, but originally used to separate lanes of the yellow line before is canceled or changed the dotted line, it caused the emergence of the "narrow lane". "This yellow line has no practical effect, because the two road is a single line, yellow line was originally used to distinguish between lanes, are now in one direction, do not need to set the Yellow line." The police said they will again on the two road signs and lines of adjustment, eliminate public misunderstanding. In addition, for some people will worry, driving penalties and other issues in the yellow line line, the police said, because this yellow line has no practical effect, will be canceled, so in this way the two pressure line behavior, the traffic police department will not be punished. However, if the vehicle is not in line with a single line of signs, the traffic police department will be punished for violations of the ban on vehicle signs.相关的主题文章: