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Shanghai property market rumors. Rumors   personnel investigation — real estate intermediary — original title: Shanghai property market rumors. Rumors where the staff intermediary surveyed some time ago, the Shanghai property market continue to touch the high prices for the most expensive land centralized transfer, etc. hot events become the focus of attention of the community, nearly to date, the Shanghai property market once again become the focus, and this has become the focus of the reason is that Shanghai police shot remediation spread "property policy rumors" part of the real estate intermediary, WeChat no.. Shanghai police through technical analysis, find out the source of the rumors, and the 7 arrested. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that since August, a number of rumors intensive, resulting in irrational fluctuations in the property market in Shanghai. So how do these rumors come about? What path is propagated through? What lies behind the rumors? The latest rumors where the staff intermediary companies surveyed in late August, on the "Shanghai in September the property market tightening credit" rumors started a "storm" Shanghai real estate transactions, and even cause the so-called "divorce purchase" social concern. Recently, the Shanghai municipal government information office official micro-blog "Shanghai release" issued by the relevant market regulation spread rumors and the number of public housing intermediary part WeChat news, let Shanghai again become the focus of attention. 14:12 yesterday afternoon, Shanghai issued the latest news: a "real deal" fabricated and spread rumors, some intermediary companies are filing investigation, suspend the relevant net signed qualifications! For the recent part of the real estate intermediary enterprises deliberately fabricated and spread the "new home" rumors, spreading false information, disrupt the Shanghai real estate market stable and healthy development of such acts, the city housing construction sector has been fabricated and spread rumors of the jinfengyiju, Pacific housing, I love my family and other intermediary business formal investigation, and to suspend the relevant enterprises involved what department (or store), the net signed qualifications. Trace the origin of the Shanghai stock market three rumors on August 22nd at 11 am, Shanghai buyers credit deal, the first rumor released. The 34 year old Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. sales manager Shen to complete her in the Pudong New Area real estate sales task, deliberately fabricate a rumor, "has received notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, the municipal Party committee will convene the department meeting next week, plans in September to adjust the bank lending policy, do not end the loan contract, without trial please press apply as soon as possible, the tightening of credit policy great efforts". Then Shen employees in the company’s WeChat Communications Group released 3 times in a row, requiring its subordinates, the sales staff will be informed of the news of more than 100 customers in order to speed up the progress of the contract. This rumor spread through sales and customers, quickly spread to the well-known forum in Shanghai fence network, causing more widespread concern. For the spread of rumors motivation, BYD reporter was informed that Shen as real estate sales manager, which led the sales team has entered into a sales contract to 145 customers, many customers have to pay a deposit. Customers still exist because of the purchase相关的主题文章: