Shanghai new home rumormongers rumors to help business (Figure)

Shanghai "new home" rumormongers: rumors to help business (Figure) Shanghai invented the "new home". I love my home real estate intermediary staff zhao. Original title: Shanghai "new home" rumormongers: rumors are helpful to business, I do not speak to others will speak about recently, since September Shanghai city will implement the purchase of credit deal rumors circulating on the network, has aroused widespread concern. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau quickly organized forces to carry out the investigation, to identify the source of the fabricated and spread rumors, on the evening of September 6th has captured 7 malicious fabricated and spread rumors related personnel, and criminal detention according to law. Shanghai police, by extracting the Internet rumors spread a lot of samples, and ultimately determine the 3 main rumors version, through technical analysis, layers of origin and personnel investigation, investigation than the more than one hundred thousand clues, eventually locked and the spread of malicious the initiator of evil. The primary version of rumors: 2016 bank credit policy adjustment 8 months late, Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. sales manager Shen is responsible for their own to worry about, a real estate Pudong company has three sales agents, Mei Yi has signed up 145 customers, but the customers only pay a deposit, but has yet to apply for loans in December 20th, Mei Yi loan performance statistics of the day, only to let the customers to complete these loans, Shen to complete performance. In order to stimulate customers to apply for loans, Shen edit a message, this message let her in the days after all. "It has received a notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, the municipal Party committee will convene a meeting of various departments in the next week, plans in September to adjust the bank loan policy, not do not finish the trial of the loan contract as soon as possible please press, the tightening of credit policy great efforts." August 22nd 11 am, Shen in the company’s employees in the WeChat group released the information in a row for the past 3 times, requiring its hands of the sales staff to inform their customers, to speed up the progress of the contract 18. Subsequently, the rumor was spread to the well-known forum in Shanghai fence network caused widespread concern. A message, with the intention to buy the 145 set of housing customers almost all in August 31st before the completion of the loan. September, the new policy has not been announced, and Shen to complete the year-end results, has been on vacation. Rumors advanced version: the implementation of housing recognize loan purchase limit policy "received emergency notification: headquarters notice, since September 1st the implementation of the new Shanghai restriction policy. Housing recognize loan, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 5, two suites will be increased to 7, regardless of local field, regardless of commercial housing, whether or not to pay off the loan to pay off, as long as there are even Chinese loan records. To sign the time, before September 1st to buy a house is not affected by the policy. There is a demand for customers, please tell each other, limited time." August 24th, the news through the "I love my family," the real estate brokerage firm Yangpu Park store real estate sales Zhang’s cell phone issued, there are customers to ask: "is this true?" In the face of the investigation, Zhang said he was connected to the notice of the regional manager Zhao Mou in conjunction with his colleagues will be processed and spread rumors. According to Zhao on the surging news reporter back.相关的主题文章: