Shaanxi 8 years of official crime analysis report of high incidence of corruption and bribery case –

Shaanxi 8 years of job-related crimes of corruption and bribery case analysis report of high – Sohu news prompted the core crimes including crime and malfeasance crimes of corruption and bribery, these are serious violations of the state and the interests of the people, damage the reputation of the party and government and the image, the people are sick of the vast pain. Commonly known as "the crime of corruption and bribery hides pockets of crime, criminal malfeasance commonly known as" do not carry the pockets of crime, harm and the latter is far greater than the former, malfeasance cases are often found difficult, filing difficult, hard evidence, treatment difficult and interference resistance etc.. 8 years, three Shaanxi provincial court concluded the duty crime case 5700, more than 8 thousand criminals were sentenced; in the background of anti-corruption, concluded in 2015 the province’s corruption and bribery, malfeasance and other crimes committed by 794, investigated 1284 people, including 12 people above the county level. Compared with 2014 the crime number, the number of crimes were sentenced to final rose, respectively 17.8% and 32.2%. A typical case of 1 Mid Autumn Festival before accepting "deputy magistrate of the tea box" down "Danfeng County People’s Government vice mayor Kou Hong alleged serious violation of law is a criminal investigation", September 10, 2014, on the news, which caused a shock in Shangluo city. Curtis red, born in Shangluo in 1970 1993 to participate in the work of a farmer, former Minister of the United Front Work Department of Shangluo County standing committee, February 2012, deputy magistrate of Danfeng County, in charge of agriculture, forestry, water, health, poverty alleviation, southern relocation, land, housing construction and other work. Once in the leadership of the eyes of colleagues, Kou red is a good cadre of a diligent, strong ability; once in the eyes of the masses, he is a good leader close and practical. In 2013, one day before the Mid Autumn Festival, his political career was a mysterious "tea box" to the point of no return. Until recently, during the China Daily reporter in Shangluo City, more than cadres mention there is still red Kou expressed regret, "really a pity, not so ruined his future!" Developers of tea box 100 thousand cash a week after the project successfully approved the second half of 2012, Curtis red was introduced to developers Leimou Leimou, then they repeatedly looking for opportunities to entertain two people with red Curtis, grow closer. Leimou engineering for many years, well versed in business and political contacts unspoken rule, he sees a glade in Danfeng County lucky Zhaizhen, want to engage in the relocation project, while red is a deputy magistrate in charge of kou. Leimou think, as long as the deputy magistrate Kou capture mark, can achieve this purpose. The first half of 2013 day, Leimou came to the office that some red Curtis, for this purpose, a red Kou principle only said the sentence "on the province to encourage private capital to participate in the southern relocation, but also no Danfeng County policy, a policy". Two months later, Leimou told Danfeng County relocation policy came down, and some red Kou office, once again that he wants to participate in the relocation project ideas. This time, Curtis red introduced him to the project reporting procedures, and to prepare material declaration. But the Leimou project material after the declaration has no echo.相关的主题文章: