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Several types of property can not lose the most worthy of investment market dynamics – Shenzhen Locke network?? in 2016, the real estate market unusually hot, prices rising speed of buyers look terrified, so market conditions, many investors have been unable to bear, however, want to enjoy the dividends of the market, not do your homework I am afraid it is difficult to receive high returns. So, what kind of real estate investment worth the investment, how can not lose, you can take a look at this small series to introduce several real estate. First, the price of the king – apartments? According to the statistics show that the real estate investment, apartment style investment potential of the most investment type. Many city around the world apartments were sold at a premium, the main driving force is always soaring or rent. ?? Two, commercial real estate — nouveau riche ‘most loved?? the hotel investment potential in the second row. Today, the hotel from the cash economy growth or a lot, despite the recession during the hotel industry has been greatly affected. ? three, consumer power amazing – student apartments? In the top third is the student apartment. Young people are a guarantee of success in this market segment. The student apartment there will always be a demand for the purchase, has been in a "seller’s market"?? four, hot – sought after by the surrounding shopping center real estate?? everyone needs dining or shopping places, so the retail shops around the property to continue "hot pursuit". Five, office workers will always need a room – the central business district office building? Compared with other types of real estate, office buildings have a stronger growth trend. In the United States, the overall growth in the first half of 2015 reached 12& or so, in recent years has not been the biggest growth rate. ? six, industrial pure investment – industrial warehouse? Experts believe that all housing construction activities will lead to an increase in demand for industrial warehouses. In addition, in the purchase of real estate, but also should consider the location of the lot, after all, convenient travel, lots of good location in the real estate transactions favored.相关的主题文章: