Sciatic Pains Tips To End Your Dis.fort-actv

Chronic-Illness Do you have sciatica? If youre experiencing back pain which radiates down one or both of your legs and you feel a tingling or a numbness, you should see your doctor for a correct diagnosis of the problem so that you can determine the appropriate treatment for your sciatic pains. Sciatica pain is a symptom of some underlying cause which needs to be identified before it can be corrected. Sciatica pain is caused by the .pression or pinching of the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches from the base of your spine, through the buttock and thigh muscles, continuing down the legs and into the feet. Its the longest nerve in your body and is about the thickness of your finger. The pain can be constant and dull or excruciating the symptoms vary from patient to patient which is why it needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. The cause could be a herniated disc which is pressing on the nerve or spinal stenosis which is a narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae, also causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. A correct diagnosis is critical so that the cause of your sciatic pain can be corrected. Usually, sciatica is found in people between the ages of thirty and sixty and may be caused by wear and tear on the bones of the lower spine. Generally, it can be relieved within six weeks or so, but meanwhile, there are some changes you can make to help relieve the pinched nerve without having to take anti-inflammatory drugs or other pain medication. Walking is re.mended a gentle walk around the block to start off with. Make certain that your posture is good and swing your arms as you go. If you do this every day, you can soon extend your walk to about three miles, during which youre stretching and strengthening your back, leg and abdominal muscles, all of which support your frame. They be.e supple and more flexible as you continue and your sciatic pains will start to diminish. Your doctor or personal trainer can re.mend stretching exercises for you, but these need to be appropriate for your particular type of sciatic pain, otherwise more damage can result. Do them regularly and you will find relief from your sciatic pains in a fairly short time. If youre suffering acute pain, you do, of course, need to rest. But try not to rest in bed as this will cause your muscles to weaken which will hinder your recovery. Sitting in a .fortable armchair which has good support is better for you and you could try alternating hot and cold packs on the affected part. Get up every hour or so and walk around a little to help keep the muscles flexible. Try not to sleep on your stomach; place a pillow under your hips so that your spine is supported. Again, the opinion of a medical professional is essential so that you can take the right kind of exercise which is an important step to relieving your sciatic pains. Constant dull pain which prevents you from doing the things you love can rip all the fun out of life and its not necessary as help is out there for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: