Sawa will play exhibition games and Mugu site had played against

Sawa will play exhibition games and Mourinho ancient site who played the duel matches all the Sina triggered at any moment time of Beijing of dispatch of sports news in October 23rd, according to foreign media news, Spain’s Mu Guru Za and the Russian beauty Sharapova will play an exhibition game in Madrid in December 2nd. The venue for the two show was very special, half of the grass and clay. In 2007, Federer and Nadal also performed at the venue. Sawa was sentenced to 15 months suspended because of doping, the ban from the beginning of January 26th this year, to the end of April 26, 2017. Not long ago, the Russian girl and Mcenroe, Nave Nadine Nova, Roddick, Jin et al in an exhibition match in Las Vegas. Sharapova has dropped to 91 place. This year, the French Open champion Mu Guru Za is currently preparing for the Singapore finals, she and defending champion Ladd Vansk, this year the US Open final card – Pulis Bokova and two time Grand Slam champion Kuznetsova in the group. She is in the finals winning three games semifinals last year. (double)相关的主题文章: