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Sports-and-Recreation The San Antonio Spurs is a professional basketball team that is located in Texas. They are a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and are amongst the four former teams that remained in NBA after the NBA and ABA merger that took place in 1976. To date they have won four NBA championships, and is the only ABA team to have done so. They bagged the 2007 championship but failed to repeat their performance of the last year and despite reaching the finals were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008. As of November 2006, the Spurs ranked 2nd amongst the then active franchises for having the topmost winning percentage in the entire NBA history after the Lakers. After they swept the 2007 finals they recorded the highest winning percentage ever in an NBA Final. Till present they have only missed the playoffs 4 times. Since their establishment they have recorded 32 NBA seasons starting in 1976. To date they have bagged fifteen division titles which are the highest for any team, with the Lakers following close behind with fourteen titles. It is amongst the seven teams that are included in the Midwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association. It plays in the Alamodome based in Texas, wearing black and white colored uniforms. After being bought by a group of businessmen the Dallas Chaparrals was based in San Antonio on mutual agreement that if the team drew interest it would be relocated to San Antonio for around 3 years, and if it failed then it would be resold to Dallas. It is the only professional team that is situated in San Antonio. It made regular playoff appearances during the first two decades of its inception, earlier as a member of ABA and later as a member of NBA. The team was headed by Robinson and Duncan when it made its first NBA Finals appearance in 1999. They beat the New York Knicks at a score of 4-1. To date the team has bagged three NBA titles, three Conference Titles and fourteen Division Titles. The rebuilt themselves in the 2002-2003 season with the help of talented players such as Tony Parker who was the starting point guard for the team. Apart from him some other prominent players included in the team were the shooters namely Stephen Jackson, Danny Ferry, Bruce Bowen and Emanuel Ginobili. They collectively helped the team earn an imoressive record of 60-22. In its playoff appearances the San Antonio Spurs have won against opponents the Suns, the Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. The Spurs bagged their second championship title at the score 4-2. In that year their player Duncan was named as both the NBA Regular Season and the Finals MVP for that season. The team managed a score of 59-23 in the 2004-2005 season and made the second spot in the Western Conference ranking. Their finishing record was the best in the entire Southwest division. For more information you can visit: San Antonio Spurs Tickets 相关的主题文章: