Samsung S6 also bombed Yunnan men’s eyes burned!

Samsung S6 also bombed Yunnan men’s eyes burned! Horrible sight! Samsung S6 also exploded, Yunnan men were burned eyes! (CCTV financial news) 29, Yunnan Chuxiong Yao’an County Guo Samsung S6 mobile phone also exploded, but also the eyes to burn. We see Mr. Guo in the hospital, Guo’s eyes eyelashes have been burned, the right eye burn is more serious. Chuxiong fuming eye hospital doctor Zhou Lijing: eyelid skin, eyelashes all burn, and conjunctiva, ocular surface and charred bodies. Reporter: will not affect vision? Chuxiong fuming eye hospital doctor Zhou Lijing: certainly, he is now his eyesight is certainly bad, but this treatment is expected to be restored by us. Guo told reporters that his Samsung S6 mobile phone, bought in April this year, when the incident, in the pocket of the phone some fever, so take out to see. Guo Xingwen: at that time, there are Eighty-seven percent power automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown of some mobile phone fever, fever after I get up and open the boot after the flashing red light flashing two began to fire, and then I lost, it is all fire burning head. Interviewer: is it hurting your eyes? Guo Xingwen: yes. After the incident, Mr. Guo’s wife began to contact the owner of the mobile phone and Samsung customer service. Mr. Guo’s wife: let me take the cell phone back to Kunming today or tomorrow, send it to the shipper, and then the shipper will return to the manufacturer, and then apply to change the machine with me, but this piece of personal injury can not be dealt with. In view of this situation, we also consulted lawyers. Lawyer Zheng Zhijun: in this case, consumers can choose products selling products sales and production of the manufacturers claim compensation, the way to solve the problem, including the local consumer protection association request can be resolved through consultation, to the people’s court to solve. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

三星S6也炸了 云南男子双眼被烧伤!   惨不忍睹!三星S6也炸了,云南男子双眼被烧伤!   (央视财经讯)29日,云南楚雄姚安县的郭先生的三星s6手机也发生了爆炸,而且还把眼睛给烧伤了。   我们在医院见到郭先生,郭先生的双眼眼睫毛已经被烧掉了,右眼眼球烧伤比较严重。   楚雄复明眼科医院医生 周立静:眼睑的皮肤,还有睫毛全部烧伤了,还有结膜,眼表面还有烧焦的异物。   记者:会不会影响视力?   楚雄复明眼科医院医生 周立静:肯定会的,他现在他的视力肯定差,但是这个通过我们治疗预计应该可以恢复。   郭先生告诉记者,他这部三星s6手机,是今年4月份买的,事发时,放在兜里的手机有些发热,于是拿出来查看。   郭兴文:当时就是还有百分之八十七的电量就自动关机,手机有些发热,发热自动关机后我拿起来打开,开机之后闪红灯闪了两下就开始喷火,然后我就丢了,喷火起来就是全部烧着头。   记者:主要是伤着眼睛?   郭兴文:是的。   事情发生后,郭先生的妻子也开始联系当时卖手机的店主和三星客服。   郭先生妻子:叫我把手机在今天或者明天之内带回去昆明给发货商,再由发货商返回厂家,然后跟我申请换机子,但是人身伤害这一块他们处理不了。   针对这一情况,我们也咨询了律师。   律师 郑志军:在这种情况下,消费者可以选择销售产品的销售人员和生产产品的厂家主张赔偿,解决问题的方式,包括像当地的消费者保护协会请求协商解决,也可以依法向人民法院提起诉讼解决。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: