Samsung last year’s dividend income of 1 billion 140 million yuan for the first time in South Korea

SamSung group president Li Jianxi (middle)

according to the South Korean Herald reported that the data released on Friday showed that Samsung Group Chairman Li Jianxi last year’s dividend income for eight consecutive years ranked first in South Korea, is the president of the second Hyundai Motor, the times of 2.5 times.

suffered from heart disease, Li Jianxi has been hospitalized since May 2014, but this does not affect him to make a lot of money. 2016, Li Jianxi won a total of 190 billion 200 million won (about RMB 1 billion 140 million yuan) of the dividend income, compared with the previous year’s 177 billion 100 million won (about RMB 1 billion 60 million yuan) increased by 7.4%.

the vast majority of these dividends (137 billion 400 million won) from Samsung Group’s first subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Li Jianxi holds a stake of the company’s 3.38%. Another 49 billion 800 million won from Samsung Life Insurance, won from Samsung C&,, T.

ranked second is the president of Hyundai Motor Zheng Mengjiu, last year’s dividend income of a total of 77 billion 300 million won (about RMB 460 million yuan). The third and the fourth were Cui Taiyuan, President of the SK group (won by 60 billion 900 million won), vice president of Hyundai Motor, vice president of the world (won by the 50 billion 100 million won), and won the bid for the world’s largest automobile company, the vice president of the group.

, the eldest son of Li Jianxi Li Zai, vice president of Samsung Electronics from Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&, Samsung T; dividend income data system and Samsung fire marine insurance subsidiary of Samsung was 46 billion 800 million won (about 280 million yuan). (

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