Saitama old wet handsome European manufacturers will launch its hand.-ca1477

Saitama old wet handsome. European manufacturers will launch its TV model animation "boxing Superman" adapted from Murata Yusuke ONE, the original Japanese cartoonist for the comic book. The animation is loved by many viewers with its novel storyline and the author’s unique brain circuit. First model 4 Figures the famous European and American manufacturers will launch a "punch" Superman "in Saitama" in next year’s hand. The "Superman" fist hand to do a very unique old wet jade ada. Although the figures are like clothes and other common animation, but can "face" is quite interesting. Set a total of two faces, one is the Saitama common Daisha eyed modeling, another is a handsome other frown. Rare to see careless and casual Saitama old wet face justice. The new model height of 24 inches (about 0.6 meters), the ordinary version is priced at $349.99 (about 2332 yuan), Limited Edition (including replaceable head) is priced at $374.99 (about 2498 yuan). It is expected to be sold in the second quarter of next year. A fist Superman tells a story of a group of superpowers. The protagonist Qi Yu was originally an ordinary person who ran for a job all day. One day 3 years ago came across to the naughty teen killer crab mutation people, remember when young "want to become a hero" dream, eventually doing all the naughty boy messiahs. After regaining interest in becoming a hero, he finally gained the best strength through hard work. But at the same time, he lost his hair and became bald and seemed to have lost some feelings. Alone in doing a hero, together with his disciples Jienuosi officially joined the association with numerous heroes, heroes together started against all kinds of life.

琦玉老濕變帥啦 歐美制造商將推出其手辦TV動畫《一拳超人》改編自日本漫畫傢ONE原作、村田雄介重制的同名漫畫。該動畫以其新奇的故事情節和作者獨特的腦回路受到了許多觀眾的喜愛。歐美著名的模型制造商First 4 Figures即將在明年推出一款《一拳超人》中“琦玉”的手辦。 這款《一拳超人》中琦玉老濕的手辦很有特色。雖然手辦的衣服和造型都是動畫中常見的模樣,不過可以“換臉”還是挺有意思的。手辦一共有兩款臉型,一款是琦玉常見的呆傻大眼的造型,另一款則是皺眉英俊的造型。難得能看見吊兒郎噹的琦玉老濕一臉正義的模樣。 這款新型手辦身高為24英寸(大約0.6米),普通版售價為349.99美元(約合2332元人民幣),限定版(含可替換頭部)的售價為374.99美元(約合2498元人民幣)。預計將在明年第二季度發售。 《一拳超人》講述了一群超能力者的故事。主人公琦玉原本是一名整日奔波於求職的普通人。3年前的一天偶然遇到了要對淘氣少年下殺手的異變螃蟹人後,回憶起年少時“想要成為英雄”的夢想,最終拼儘全力捄下了淘氣少年。重拾對於成為英雄的興趣之後,通過拼命鍛煉,琦玉終於脫胎換骨獲得了最強的力量,但同時失去了頭發成了光頭,而且似乎還失去了某些感情。在獨自做了一段時間英雄後,與弟子傑諾斯一起正式加入英雄協會,與眾多英雄一起開始了對抗各種怪人的生活。相关的主题文章: