Sa Beining Qing Dong He Jiong. On the first lesson tfboys (video) yuanjiao

Sa Beining Qing Dong He Jiong. "On the first lesson" TFBOYS sang "on the first lesson" show Tencent entertainment news in September is a good time to harvest, the students will usher in the new year. Since the beginning of 2008, with the national primary and secondary school students spend the first day of school is no longer just parents and teachers, students, more "first class". The ancestors of the inheritance flag along our generation road march 2016 is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the red army. The long march is always on the road, we should inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, our generation should take our generation long road. Under this background, the "first class" named "the ancestors of the flag". Sa Beining, Qing Dong, He Jiong three teacher invited to a number of Long March, the average age of experience over a hundred year old Red Army to participate in the program, in the "faith belief", "courage", "never yield in spite of reverses" and "four classes were unremittingly" about his long story. The 99 year old Hu Zhengxian is the "eyes and ears", as he did in the signal corps, gasoline and diesel power station maintain extreme environment, rely on refined lard and butter to maintain the normal operation of the station. The 104 year old Qin Hua Li about his army and partners in the long march "mobile communication school" to overcome the difficulties to learn radio technology. Astronaut Wang Yaping spoke about the new long march of the space man, and told the children the spirit of space behind the long march rocket, the Shenzhou spaceship and the arduous and glorious course of China’s space industry. This is from generation to generation, the long march spirit was able to spread so far. It is with our flag, twenty-first Century children is more able to establish clear goals, take a generation long road. The program in the form of novel backstage linkage to create high-quality classroom of the first class school once again invited to the senior class representative TFBOYS sing the theme song "first class", a rhythm with rhythm dance classroom opened the prelude. Li Guyi, the legendary Phoenix, Cai Guoqing, Ping, Yong Hou also joined the classroom, classroom added vitality. In addition, the first lesson of the school behind the excellent team also attracted attention. This year’s "first class" stage before the opening of the red color to the background of the stage was a red mountain, a five-star red flag covering the whole mountain. On the side of the flag is a sculpture of about 5 meters high, sculpture depicts a group of soldiers carrying the long march of the Red Army soldiers. This sculpture is by the Chinese art museum curator Wu Weishan devotion, time-consuming ten days behind the door of the results of creation. It is because of the joint efforts of all the crew, the national primary and middle school students will be able to harvest before the start of an important lesson. Young people who loved the form, with the trend of the times theme, in late September 1st 8, review of the long march spirit, the ancestors of the inheritance flag, CCTV "first class" invite you on time. 2016 "the first lesson" premiere tonight相关的主题文章: