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Rie Miyazawa Morita Take was in a relationship – firm default Sohu Entertainment Weekly Magazine discovered Rie Miyazawa, Morita Take love Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) this spring just days before the divorce with her ex husband Rie Miyazawa resigned with the drama Johnny summer co idol group V6 member Morita Take in love, both firms were not denied, the default relationship development. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama a weekly magazine about two people to 23 am in the middle of the night 22 days this month, in Tokyo’s coffee shop in Shibuya dating, then went back to Rie Miyazawa to stay home. The first weekly magazine will take photos of Morita Take code was released, but fans recognize, at the same time also broke the V6 in the Asahi television host music festival, Rie Miyazawa also took his daughter to watch, seems to be in love, feeling pretty good. But Morita Take had with adult film actress and communication firm default, this must have been exposed and Rie Miyazawa love and broke up with my ex girlfriend. For this affair magazine exposed the johnnys said it would not belong to the private firm artist interference. And Rie Miyazawa’s office did not respond to love.相关的主题文章: