Request the car to legalize

Taiwan Uber street protests demanding network driver detour around the car legalization

Taiwan Uber

well-known network about the car platform company Uber (excellent step) from 10 to suspend service in Taiwan. Hundreds of private car owners driving 10 days around the Taiwan transportation department to protest, demanding the restoration of Uber in operation and the net is about car service legalization.

in the protest site, hundreds of Car Parade vehicles are affixed with Uber logo or the words "thank you, let me go home more secure" "thank you, with science and technology to create a new economy" "thank you, let my life more income elasticity" and other slogans content. More than 10 Uber driver is placards sit in protest in front of the building department in charge of transportation in taiwan.

the traffic control department of Taiwan last week to Uber out of huge fines and ordered to go out of business, Uber issued a statement immediately announced that it would suspend service in Taiwan in February 10th.


Uber team in Taiwan on the morning of 10 issued a "farewell" said in a statement, although no matter how to continue the service now legal environment so that we can not really have working space. The statement said, Uber since 2013 to enter the Taiwan market, completed more than 15 million trips in Taiwan, to create additional income for the 10 thousand families.

Uber driver for protests, Taiwan traffic authorities responded the same Uber operations in Taiwan and to any business operator, in the sewer, taxes, insurance, "the bottom line of business law, to borrow the name of economic innovation, sharing, violations of illegal operation of automobile transportation of the real, solemn law enforcement position will not change. The statement also criticized the Uber ignore the driver’s rights, calling for Uber drivers back on track.

driver Zhang Shengkai told reporters that he is both a Uber driver, but also Uber guests, he felt Uber convenient and easy to use, and the service experience better. He believes that good things, the authorities should regulate management, rather than to suppress.

Zhang Shengkai told reporters, as a full-time Uber driver, his monthly income of 10 to $110 thousand (NT, the same below), deducting the cost of a month to earn 6 to 70 thousand yuan. His guests are mainly from 20 to 45 years of age.

After the suspension of

Uber operations, Zhang Shengkai’s economic source is broken, he has initially planned to run the airport line driver. I hope that Uber and the authorities continue to negotiate, communicate, to allow Uber to resume operations as soon as possible".

in recent years, including Uber, including the network about car software is changing the way people travel, but often also caused controversy in the management of innovation and norms.

Taipei taxi driver, said the dragon, Uber drivers are not included in the management system of the authorities, and there is no strict driver access, review mechanism, no protection for the safety of passengers.