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Regularly check the 5 place for the car to avoid many hidden fault – Auto Sohu as the saying goes to "three points, seven points," sometimes, the car drove there may be some problems, some small problems, but these small problems do not matter, only to call for help or directly drive into 4S shops and auto repair factory, is a headache. In fact, every day we have to check some places, timely maintenance, in order to find and eliminate the hidden fault of the car. 1 every two weeks, tire pressure calibration of tire pressure, tire pressure to do high-end models to remember initialization. This requires you to remember the tire pressure, or to identify the tire pressure on the left front door label. The tire pressure is not accurate and intuitive consequences, that there are two: first, to make the vehicle deviation. A long legs, a short legs, this should be relatively easy to understand. Second, will cause damage to the tire, reduce service life. Then go to the big said, handling, fuel consumption, tire noise will be affected. 2 lights, car lights, headlights, fog lamp inspection mainly includes high brake lights, once found the black light bulb will be replaced as soon as possible. Halogen headlamps generally use two years after the light will be weakened, and if the modified xenon headlamps, the best color temperature should be between 0 and 6000K. Because the higher the temperature, the penetration of fog light decreases, security risks will be greater. 3, regular cleaning wiper and windshield windshield on the bulk water mark is mainly caused by the oil, will inevitably drive on that oil smoke adsorption often on the road, so not only is to clean the glass sand, and above the grease, if not cleaned regularly, in between the wiper and the glass, there will be a lot of fine sand. When the rain a move when the glass and the wiper are subject to wear. 4, pay attention to the maintenance of tires, especially in the winter cold, tire rubber will harden and relatively brittle, friction coefficient will be reduced, so the tire pressure can not be too high, but not too low. Low external temperature, tire pressure is too low, soft tires will accelerate the aging of tires. To clean up the inclusion within the tread in time, try not to repeatedly repair, replace the large tyre wear. Tire inside and outside wear is not the same, in order to ensure the safety of wear and tear, should be regularly to replace the tire position. 5, the whole engine cooling liquid cooling system is pressurized, the cooling liquid is in the open state, must be Caution!, can open the car, loosen a little deflated, and then fully open. When the antifreeze liquid level is relatively low, it is necessary to join in a timely manner, do not mix with antifreeze, with a can, and in peacetime we should prepare one or two bottles of spare. If there is water under the car, see if it has any color. We know that the coolant is colored, red and blue. If no color is the color of the air conditioning water is cooling. If the leak is to determine the cooling, serious must not start the engine, you can find experienced master check. About the master of the car: the car is a problem, find a car master, the current masters of the car has 100 thousand相关的主题文章: