Rectification of the property market storm hit Beijing, some small houses all shelves – Sohu news-3u8547

The storm struck Beijing property market to rectify some residential houses all the shelves – Sohu news reporter Qi Beijing reported three property consolidation wind up this year, with the rising property market and regulation, the Ministry of housing and other departments for the sale of the property market is not normative behavior to carry out special rectification actions and norms, from October onwards, more severe crackdown. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, Beijing attorney, no owner handwritten real estate license and ID card copy of the housing must stand, and similar requirements not only in Beijing, the reporter consulted a large intermediary website listings shelves increased significantly, or even a cell listing all the shelves. In addition, the developer is also constantly regulate the sales, the reporter visited the property buyers in Shunyi District commercial real estate. These projects are very cautious, no longer set or open model and sand table. Insiders said that multi sectoral joint law enforcement is very helpful for market regulation. Market regulation and control should develop a long-term policy, more daily, so that the market is more conducive to long-term stability. A guide to Beijing developers said, recently, Beijing city were interviewed on several housing prices. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that the interview mainly were further emphasized that previous requirements of normative behavior, but the specific requirements for concrete. In Beijing City, Tongzhou jade bridge road corner, two real estate intermediary stores particularly garish. As usual, the doors of the two stores are now empty. In the past, here filled with listings information. We can see through the glass window, wearing a suit of intermediary sales staff. This year, the Ministry of housing and other departments began to conduct a thorough investigation of the intermediary industry does not regulate the rectification; the fourth quarter, with a centralized control all hot city, housing prices are also facing the history of the most stringent standards for corporate behavior rectification. Economic Herald reporter statistics found that in twenty-first Century, including Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Shijiazhuang city to have a thorough investigation of the real estate market irregularities, and impose penalties for the history of the most. Thorough investigation of the whole industry is actually a good standard purchase measures." Asia Marketing Director Guo Yi believes that from the new home market rectification, thorough investigation of specifications and other measures to let the new market sales pitch is more authentic. Compared with before, the number of listings publicity is more open and transparent. This can not only make the market order is more reasonable, but also to allow buyers to know the right to be protected. From the overall market perspective, the Central Plains real estate analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the real estate market is not standardized behavior in fact magnified the panic. In fact, over the past ten years, the real estate industry norms very much, but the implementation is not enough. According to the law, but lax enforcement of the law. The investigation and rectification of the real estate market gradually norms has positive significance. Fake listings have flooded the market of real estate intermediary industry about the investigation and rectification since the beginning of this year. During the four session of the National People’s Congress this year, Lu Kehua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing, pointed out that the intermediary industry does exist in some of the real estate industry is not good enough for the purpose of the twelve session of the npc.相关的主题文章: