Quanzhou 5 fishermen in the cabin of hydrogen sulfide poisoning has died hamimelon

Quanzhou 5 fishermen in the cabin of hydrogen sulfide poisoning a person has died this morning at 7:30, Shishi Xiang agricultural terminal hydrogen sulfide poisoning incident occurred. Cheung Chi Town People’s Government informed the "Fujian lion fishing 07123 fishing boat crew hydrogen sulfide poisoning case": October 25, 2016 10:30, received Xiangzhi town fishery security checkpoint report, Fujian lion 07123 fishing boats in the central fishing port berth Xiangzhi fishing crew cabin cleaning, occurrence of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, with a crew of 5 different degrees of coma. After the accident, the other members of the fishing boat call 120 emergency center phone, the first time the injured crew sent to Shishi overseas Chinese hospital. I am the town’s leading cadres and Xiang Yu village cadres rushed to the scene to deal with the relevant work. At present, Fujian lion fishing 07123 fishing boat captain Cai Moumeng died due to rescue; and the other 4 crew members were injured. I will pay close attention to the subsequent dynamic of the town, to do the rescue of the wounded, do a good job of the aftermath of the deceased and the families of the injured. The reporter is also the first time to understand the situation. It is reported that the sea fishing vessels, at 12 last night after coming back, clean up the cabin at discharge, 5 fishermen were smoked in the cabin would become unconscious. The captain is a local, hospital died and three others: the boatman’s nephew Moulian Cai, 47 year old Wang Mouhua of Jiangxi, and a fellow villagers Wu, was rescued ICU, according to the hospital, one of them is very serious. At that time, Wang Mouhua first went to the cabin, followed by the captain, nephew, and finally wu. After the accident, other fishermen have participated in the rescue. Wu, nephew, Captain, Wang Mouhua were rescued in turn.相关的主题文章: