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Quantum dot coating windows turned solar panels — energy — people.com.cn original title: quantum dot coating to the window turned the original title: quantum dot solar panel coating windows turned solar panels in Los Alamos National Laboratory for quantum dot coating for ordinary glass into solar panels. The Los Alamos National Laboratory official website 12 reported that the research team of the laboratory in higher solar physics center through to the ordinary glass spraying layer of quantum dots, obtained certain solar energy conversion efficiency, which can be in the building glass windows into low-cost photovoltaic power generation system. People always try to use a number of connected solar modules to capture the solar energy falling on the windows. "By using a mechanism to capture the sun’s rays directly to the edge of the window solar cells, not only can greatly simplify the device, and lower cost. Now we have done it." Lead the study, said Victor, a nanotechnology Engineer at the Kerrey. The Klimov team discovered a thin coating of quantum dots can make ordinary glass turned solar panels, maintain the function for 14 years, and the energy conversion efficiency has now reached 1.9%, although the utility required 6% there is still a gap, but they will soon be able to achieve this goal. And to the window glass spraying quantum dots is very easy, only one machine will paste quantum dots and PVP polymer coating to the glass, and then scraping its spread into the thin layer can be. The quantum dots used by the Klimov team contain a cadmium arsenide core and a cadmium zinc sulfide shell, and cover a layer of silica to prevent the outer layer from being oxidized and lose the ability to absorb light. When the quantum dot is encountered, the electrons in the shell transition from the covalent band to the conduction band. Electrons and holes jump into the core, where they re assemble to form photons. In the design, they make the shell layer only absorbs high-energy photons, this new photon can easily through the internal reflection is transmitted to the whole glass and quantum dot layer, finally reached the edge of the glass, there is the absorption of solar cell. The researchers said the new study shows that quantum dot nanocrystals can be used to manufacture device of large area and high cost of collecting light scattering, also shows that the testing light absorption and stability, this kind of device is favorably compared with other solar cells. These coatings can also be recycled, the glass is readily available, it is the roof of the building is not enough solar panels to install solar panels. They will continue to adjust the concentration of quantum dots in order to improve the absorption characteristics and conversion efficiency, easy to put into use as soon as possible. (reporter Nie Cuirong) (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: