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Putin: cancel the Russian athletes to participate in the Paralympic Games for new network [in violation of rights and morality in the global network reporter Juppe reported] according to the Russian satellite news network August 25th news, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, cancel the Russian athletes for Rio eligibility decisions beyond the rights and moral category. Putin said at the awarding ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games at the palace of the gram: "the decision to deprive Russian athletes of the Paralympic Games is beyond the scope of rights and morality. For those who take sports as the meaning of life and bring hope and faith to millions of people with disabilities. I feel sorry for the people who made the decision, because they can’t do it, it’s a shame to themselves." Philip, President of the International Paralympic Games, announced on August 7th that the committee unanimously adopted the decision on the cancellation of Russian athletes to participate in the Paralympic Games in and the abolition of the membership of the Paralympic Committee of Russia in 2016. Russian Paralympic Committee on August 15 to the International Court of arbitration for sports appeal was dismissed.相关的主题文章: