PS4 Pro will support multitasking dual core graphics memory to improve 1GB-actv

PS4 Pro will support multiple tasks: dual core graphics memory to improve 1GB SONY PS4 Pro will be officially on sale in November 10th, different from the thin version of PS4 Slim in performance does not improve, PS4 Pro can be seen as part of the next generation, GPU floating point performance from 1.84TFLOPS increased to 4.2TFLOPS. PS4 Pro according to foreign media reports, in an interview with IGN, SONY systems architect Mark Cerny said, PS4 Pro built two sets of GPU chip, when running PS4 games, a small chip, when the PS4 Pro special edition game (such as 4K) operation, will play the other half strength, seemed a bit like is the meaning of card crossfire. In addition, Cerny also added for the first time, we added the 1GB PS host DRAM of memory, although the work frequency compared to the 8GB GDDR5 memory is slow, but that repeated testing hardware team, it is necessary to ensure the multi task operation, such as fast switching between Netflix and a video game without exit. Currently, there are 700 different forms of the game on the PS4, Cerny said that if they support 4K resolution PS4 Pro, the workload is only between 0.3% to 0.4%, I think most developers will not refuse. According to SONY’s demo, "American Doom: heavy system" can run local 4K, "Tomb Raider 10" 4K, 1080p and even support 30FPS, 60FPS, 1080p, 30FPS three levels. Information about PS4 Pro currently known相关的主题文章: