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Professor Lu Binglun: the net lift way do you believe? Sohu health friends asked me: there are many methods for network life face, such as tooth, massage face lift device, chewing gum, these methods are useful? According to the different types of "big face", you have no corresponding non surgical face lift? After extraction of alveolar bone may change the position, has a certain effect on facial contour, but not too obvious effect of a face lift, unless your gums had skeletal abnormalities, there will be some effect after correction, but most people are not caused by the "big teeth". The chewing gum will exercise the muscles such as exercise is the masseter, but let the muster, face looks bigger and gum to biochemical dissolved substances, but also the impact on the ecosystem, this approach actually does not work. Massage face lift device without much scientific reason, massage can relax muscles, relieve fatigue caused by muscle soreness, actually to face little use, long-term forced to pull the facial skin, can also cause skin relaxation, premature sagging. If the masseter muscle hypertrophy, Botox can improve, but if born baby fat, life is actually very difficult to lose by means of conventional means, massage effect is not good, but often light soldering fat will have a good effect. If you are more water content puffiness, through exercise is likely to reach the good effect, but the medical means is the most immediate lift method. To find a regular plastic body, that has many years of experience in plastic surgeon for you to judge "fat face", in the corresponding treatment measures, to face the most feasible way.相关的主题文章: